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  1. philip
    Hi Im player from Taiwan! My English sucksXD~
  2. paula
    paula Seiichi
    Hi SEII i cant longing game i try loging so men hours a go and nothing
  3. Silkshoes
    Silkshoes Seiichi
    Seiichi, Hi, since reset today when server closed nothing works, to get logged back. I downloaded 14 MB's of stuff from pre-'start' screen & progressed to log in screen but server still closed. After waiting a couple of hours, I try to launch I hit 'Dragon's Prophet has stopped working, windows is looking for a solution' I get the program failed with the button to 'close program'. Is there an easy fix ?
  4. Thunderstorm
    Thunderstorm Silkshoes
    Oh wow I see you like Pern.. I also like it! ^-^
  5. Silkshoes
    Silkshoes MystikStorm
    Hi, Myst Dear. Many Many Thanks for all your care & help. Will soon be back to the lvl I had on EU lol.
    Silk <3
  6. Silkshoes
    Total newb at the moment lol
  7. Silkshoes
    Silkshoes Kodawolf
    Hi Koda , still finding my way around lol
    Many Thanks for all your help & advice.

    Silk <3
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    2. Kodawolf
      Anytime Silk <3
      Sep 29, 2017
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  8. Merisot1325
    Merisot1325 Seiichi
    sorry dont know how to private messege its about the starter pack if you can sent it to lyraveil
  9. Faleah
    Faleah newb
    Hey big boy, want to earn some big boy points ;)?
  10. MonjePowah
  11. Thunderstorm
    Thunderstorm DarkFang
    Hello scary man :D
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  12. Silver
    I like eggplants.
  13. Reo
    Yare Yare ~
  14. Necrofer
    Atravesando todas las rutas de Taborea en busca de todo conocimiento.
  15. Minor
  16. Amber Thompson
    Amber Thompson
    enjoying the dragons prophet server oh my goodness so many dragons <3
  17. 3 for #2
    3 for #2
    We cant #2 :(
  18. Lalolalo9
    Evasio in-game
  19. aloisio89
    aloisio89 Motoko
    Hello Mokoto, i love your teexture changes for Dragon Prophet, and i want to know how you find the textures on game folders? i want to make my game more opmized, changing the all textures with more light textures to improve FPS... thank you for attention.
  20. Lordfinaldragon
    Im a Dragon meow