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  • Posted By: Templar Thano | Blog: AdeptGamer Podcast May 20, 2015
    The original three are back!

    Two will enter, one will exit, both will feel sick!

    This time the boys compete in the first ever gumball challenge. For each trivia question wrong, Dan and Devin must start chewing a gumball. The first to get ten wrong wins. Gather your family and play along at home!

    Once done, the crew quickly rounds things out with quick hits.

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  • Posted By: Templar Thano | Blog: AdeptGamer Podcast May 4, 2015
    Hey Hey

    The Boys are back (2 of the three anyway) for another episode of everyone’s favorite podcast.

    We talk about difficulty in games and our latest Xbox woes.

    please forgive the bit of unintentional re-verb, as we recorded in a different room from the usual

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  • Posted By: Templar Thano | Blog: AdeptGamer Podcast Apr 6, 2015
    April showers bring...podcasts? The CGU/Adeptgamer podcast is back!

    This week the crew discusses games that we're hindered by their desire to become franchises and then look at digital content and the question of when do you really own something?

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  • Posted By: Templar Thano | Blog: AdeptGamer Podcast Mar 4, 2015
    Winter is almost over so the CGU Crew got together to thaw out and record a new podcast.

    This week the boys ran through their "quick hits", discussed the most disappointing games and gaming experiences, and wrapper things up by going thrpugh another round of gaming franchises they just don't "get."

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  • Posted By: Templar Thano | Blog: AdeptGamer Podcast Feb 9, 2015
    After digging out after Chicago's snowmaggedon, the CGU crew gets together to tangent into a movie discussion, tell you what they have been playing, and wrap things up by giving their top picks of classic games deserving of remastered or HD remakes.

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  • Posted By: Templar Thano | Blog: AdeptGamer Podcast Jan 19, 2015
    And we're back! After a huge spike in listeners, the boys are excited to talk about what they've been playing, tangent into what makes for a "sexy" game, and discuss the walking dead S2.

    Light a candle, slip into something more comfortable, pour yourself a glass of wine, and listen to the sexiest episode of the Adeptgamer/CGU podcast yet!

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  • Posted By: Templar Thano | Blog: AdeptGamer Podcast Jan 5, 2015
    Tired of your second favorite podcast (we're obviously your first) talking about their opinion of the game of the year? So were we!

    That's why we ran down the last 25 year's contenders!

    Listen in as the crew gives their opinion on the top 25 games of the last 25 years from

    This is a show you won't want to miss.

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  • Posted By: Templar Thano | Blog: AdeptGamer Podcast Dec 23, 2014
    It's a Christmas miracle!

    The CGU crew gets together to unwrap the problem of broken games. Did you suffer from a broken halo, assassin's creed, madden, or battlefield? If so, you'll love this episode!

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  • Posted By: Templar Thano | Blog: AdeptGamer Podcast Dec 15, 2014
    We're back! This week on the CGU/Adeptgamer podcast, the crew talks about what they have been playing, whether they are happy with their respective console purchases, and then come up with a list of games from the last generation that didn't get the credit they deserved.

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  • Posted By: Templar Thano | Blog: AdeptGamer Podcast Dec 1, 2014
    Gobble Gobble! You have woke up from your turkey induced coma just in time to listen to another CGU/Adeptgamer podcast!

    This week the CGU crew laments the downward trend in sales for Call of Duty. Where did things go wrong? Can things be fixed? Could people just be getting burned out on the military FPS genre in general?

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  • Posted By: Templar Thano | Blog: AdeptGamer Podcast Nov 16, 2014
    We’re back! After some well needed rest, the crew is back! This week the boys talk about how they spent their summer vacation, quick hits, discuss the state of the current generation, and games they’re looking forward to this holiday season!

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  • Posted By: Templar Thano | Blog: AdeptGamer Podcast Aug 10, 2014
    We know you missed us! Don't worry, it's time for another summer minisode!

    This week - Devin, Dan, and Mark debate what will constitute the PlayStation Vita being a success or failure! The episode is short so you have no excuse not to listen!

    Comment, debate, and tell your friends!!

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  • Posted By: Templar Thano | Blog: AdeptGamer Podcast Jul 21, 2014
    Like death and taxes you can always count on the CGU crew to bring you another podcast!

    This week we're continuing to bridge the summer gaming lull with another minisode!

    Mark, Devin, and Dan sit down to discuss RPG tropes and where they'd like to see the genre go from here.

    It's a quick one so be sure to pay attention!

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  • Posted By: Templar Thano | Blog: AdeptGamer Podcast Jul 7, 2014
    Hope everyone made it through the 4th of July without losing any digits. Nothing worse than having a firework take away your ability to enjoy your favorite hobby!

    This week the crew is bringing you another "minisode" where they discuss whether the gaming industry has reached a point where console competition is no longer needed to drive innovation?

    We love for you to comment below with your own thoughts!

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  • Posted By: Templar Thano | Blog: AdeptGamer Podcast Jun 23, 2014
    Rising from the rain soaked streets of Chicago is another CGU/Adeptgamer Podcast!

    This week Devin sits out and Dan B. sits in. The crew talk about breaking NBA 2k14, Dan's console purchase decision, E3 impressions, the next "hyped" game they think will disappoint, and whether America's recent military conflicts have driven the FPS to space.

    As always, tell your friends, leave comments, and most importantly...

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  • Posted By: Templar Thano | Blog: AdeptGamer Podcast Jun 9, 2014
    The wait is over! The latest CGU/AdeptGamer podcast is here!

    We traditionally take some time off in the summer but no worries, not this time! Instead we'll be releasing shorter episodes that focus on only one topic.

    In this week's "minisode", we talk about the recent list of game delays and whether or not we really need to know that the next battlefield or halo is coming out in 9 months.

    So give it a listen and let us know what you think!

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  • Posted By: Templar Thano | Blog: AdeptGamer Podcast May 26, 2014
    Summer is finally here and so is the latest CGU/AdeptGamer podcast!

    It's just Mark and Dan this week and they sound off on indie games, lament the future if the wii u, and rage on Microsoft's mixed messaging.

    This is certainly an episode you don't want to miss!

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  • Posted By: Templar Thano | Blog: AdeptGamer Podcast May 12, 2014
    Just like mom's home cooking, the CGU crew has your favorite podcast ingredients...

    3 parts - Mark, Devin, and Dan

    1 splash of "Quick Hits!"

    2 cups of conversation regarding "Conveyance and the challenge of convincing world building."

    3 scoops of "Which game design standards need to be modernized?"

    A pinch of debate on "Free Speech and Online Gaming."

    So gather round the table with your family as we serve up the latest CGU/AdeptGamer podcast!

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  • Posted By: Templar Thano | Blog: AdeptGamer Podcast Apr 28, 2014
    It's here!! 16 enter but only 1 will emerge victorious! In honor of march madness, the CGU Crew hosts the 2nd annual "Game of Games!"

    What game from 2013 will be crowned the victor?!? Listen here to find out!

  • Posted By: Templar Thano | Blog: AdeptGamer Podcast Apr 14, 2014
    The wait is over! Spring is here and so is the latest CGU/Adeptgamer podcast!

    This week the crew talks over their quick hits, try to figure out what makes them finish or keeps them from finishing games, play true confessions with game franchises they're embarrassed to say they've never played, and stumble into a bit of Nintendo history.

    You'll laugh, you'll cry, and you're sure to be amused on this episode of the CGU/Adeptgamer podcast!

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    Link to Steam's Stats Here
  • Posted By: Templar Thano | Blog: AdeptGamer Podcast Mar 31, 2014
    It's finally here! The newest episode of the CGU/Adeptgamer podcast!

    This week the crew sits down and ponders why there's a lack of real morality choices in games, wonder what happened to "true" stealth games and whether their disappearance is really a bad thing, and discuss the difference between cheating and cheesing before debating if it actually makes games better.

    As always, it's an exciting episode you don't want to miss!

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  • Posted By: Templar Thano | Blog: AdeptGamer Podcast Mar 17, 2014
    The wait is over! Your wish has been granted!! This week brings you a new CGU/AdeptGamer podcast!!!

    This week, the crew is joined by listener and friend, Chris. They discuss what they’ve been playing, whether they care more about backwards compatibility or HD remakes, debate whether PS Plus and Games with Gold are “ships passing in the night”, and finally wrap things up with some thoughts on “Lean in”, “Lean back”, and “Lean over” gaming.

    This is one you definitely don’t want to miss!

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  • Posted By: Templar Thano | Blog: AdeptGamer Podcast Mar 4, 2014
    The wait is over! We have a new CGU/Adept Gamer podcast for your listening pleasure!

    This week the guys talk about what they've been playing, discuss Microsoft's experiment with digital distribution pricing, and then argue over why the PlayStation has such an early sales lead.

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  • Posted By: Templar Thano | Blog: AdeptGamer Podcast Feb 17, 2014
    From Sochi to Yoshi, the CGU crew takes a break from the Olympics to bring you your favorite gaming talk!

    This week's podcast covers Nintendo's licensing 180, Console Updates, the pitfalls and wonders of the PlayStation's remote play feature, and the impact of the recently announced 3 year FPS development cycle by EA and Activision.

    All this and more on this week's CGU/Adeptgamer Podcast!

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  • Posted By: Templar Thano | Blog: AdeptGamer Podcast Feb 3, 2014
    Not sure what to do now that Football is over and the Olympic curling hasn’t started? Well…how about listening to the latest CGU podcast!?!

    This week the boys go in-depth with their thoughts on what COD did to become the 800lb gorilla of gaming, how inner narrative can be just as enticing as a single player storyline, and fact vs. fiction in gamer stereotypes.

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  • Posted By: Templar Thano | Blog: AdeptGamer Podcast Jan 20, 2014
    The boys have come out of the deep freeze to warm up your hearts with another Adept Gamer podcast!

    This week, Dan makes a decision on his next console purchase only to have Mark make him second guess himself. The boys go on to ask, is there even a reason to buy either console this year? Is the PS4 worth it with the announcement of PlayStation Now? Finally, the crew discuss what they are looking forward to in 2014 before wrapping things up with their biggest letdowns of 2013.

    As always, tell your friends and let us know what you think!

    Listen here!!
  • Posted By: Templar Thano | Blog: AdeptGamer Podcast Jan 6, 2014
    It’s that time again! You’ve taken down your decorations, slept off your holiday hangover, and are getting back to the grind of work or school. So what is there to do while you wait to actually play video games? Well...listen to Mark, Devin, and Dan talk about them, of course!!

    This week the boys tell go around the table giving their quick hits, discuss their nominations for the best and worst games of the year, ponder whether 2014 could actually be the year of Nintendo, laugh at the glaring difference between NBA Live 14 and NBA 2k14, and Mark asks “Yo! Where’s my NBA game time!?!?”

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  • Posted By: Templar Thano | Blog: AdeptGamer Podcast Dec 23, 2013
    Happy holidays! The boys are back with their latest show all wrapped up and placed under the tree!

    This week they start off with quick hits, debunk Xbox One input myths, give some PS4 impressions while Mark tells you why you should buy it if you're a broke gamer, discuss the recent "YouTubepocolypse", ask "where is my NBA game time?", and wrap things up by debating whether "E-sports" are "real sports".

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  • Posted By: Templar Thano | Blog: AdeptGamer Podcast Dec 9, 2013
    The CGU crew has awaken from their tryptophan induced slumber to get back to what matters!

    They run down what they've been playing before mixing it up with some cheat code and "price is right" style trivia, debate the worst video game characters ever, and wrap things up by mulling over the idea that buying Netflix was a missed opportunity for Microsoft.

    As always, its an episode you don't want to miss!

    Check it out HERE

    Oh yeah and you can get the Tee Shirts HERE
  • Posted By: Templar Thano | Blog: AdeptGamer Podcast Nov 24, 2013
    Google gobble! This episode is certainly not leftovers. The boys get together to give thanks to the next console generation! Along with their thoughts on the Xbox One and the surprisingly appreciated PS4 controller, the guys talk about game freezing, day one patches, NBA Live 14, and what they've been playing.

    So break off a turkey leg and gather round the table for another great CGU Podcast!

    Also note that we will be making an Announcement in the next few days so stay tuned

    Listen HERE
  • Posted By: Templar Thano | Blog: AdeptGamer Podcast Nov 17, 2013
    Hello friends! This week the "Fab 3" is chock full of gaming goodness.

    Tune in to hear Devin's thoughts on Rayman Legends, Dan's thoughts on Beyond: Two Souls, and whether Mark thinks Batman Arkham Origins lived up to his expectations.

    They boys also put a cap on their recent Bioshock teasers by discussing American History through the lens of the Bioshock universe, and then mercilessly spoil the ending a year after release.

    Lastly, they disagree over the future of RPG's.

    Have A Listen HERE
  • Posted By: Templar Thano | Blog: AdeptGamer Podcast Nov 4, 2013
    Together again! The trifecta is back in full force this week and they go the distance.

    Over the course of the hour, the boys give their thoughts on the last episode of “The Walking Dead” and the “400 Days” DLC, talk about what's great about “The Last of Us”, debate Games with Gold vs. what you get with PlayStation Plus, lament the next-gen launch lineup (or lack thereof), and touch on open world games and beta tests.

    So hit the link below and let the soothing sounds of the boys buttery voices wash over you...
  • Posted By: Templar Thano | Blog: AdeptGamer Podcast Oct 21, 2013
    Here you go...
    Maybe it was actually the one after the one after the one with the train? Oh, who knows!?!

    Anyway, Mark and Dan are back at it this week with special guest “Steve-o!”

    This week the boys sit down to talk about Final Fantasy remakes, tease out some thoughts on Bioshock: Infinite, discuss Disney’s impact on StarWars and Marvel, and ponder whether Mass Effect DLC is worth your time.

    You can get it HERE!
  • Posted By: Templar Thano | Blog: AdeptGamer Podcast Oct 6, 2013
    Don't call Mark maybe, only call him definitely. Or was it indefinitely?

    Whatever. The trio of dudes is back to talk GTA V and whether it's really so great, Marvel Ultimate Alliance and how its sequel is better, and sales versus good games.

    We're also graced to stuff about NBA 08 and other oldies but goodies!

    You can get it HERE

    Also note that we have moved to a bi-weekly schedule and we moved it up to Monday, so look for new episodes the on the first and third Mondays of each month.
  • Posted By: Templar Thano | Blog: AdeptGamer Podcast Sep 23, 2013
    Dan, Devin, and Mark are back! YAY!

    LAN parties: How you make friends without having to deal with the noises that come out of their faces in person!

    Also: The problems with console launches and current-gen exclusives, Diablo III for consoles being awesome but taking way too long, and gaming being about scores instead of fun and friendship.

    Check It Out HERE
  • Posted By: Spazticus | Blog: AdeptGamer Official Articles Aug 3, 2013

    Your grandmother was a bald, bearded Archmage, with ADHD and Dwarfism...and those are considered either neutral or positive traits, in this game! Your grandmother was lucky! Also, all Mages/Archmages have beards...yes, even the women.

    Rogue Legacy is described as a “genealogical Rogue-Lite” PC game by its developers, Cellar Door Games. It is sold digitally for $15 through the official site, as well as through GoG, Steam, and elsewhere. I had pre-ordered it from the official site, which included both a DRM-free copy, as well as a Steam key. Mac and Linux versions are still in development, as of this review. It has many of the aspects of the rogue genre, wrapped lovingly in Metroidvania-style platforming. A steep difficulty curve, permadeath, procedural map generation, dangerous traps, huge bosses, and enemies that will scale to your level await you, should you desire to take on this challenge. You will also find loot, and lots of it...eventually. Those looking for a casual experience here will likely be quite disappointed.
  • Posted By: Templar Thano | Blog: AdeptGamer Podcast Jul 26, 2013
    Mark, Dan and Devin are back again with yet another episode!

    Dan plays NCAA with Mark, Mark plays Magic the Gathering 2014 on XBLA, and Devin straps a pair of pistols on over his booty shorts in Tomb Raider!

    The boys also mourn the death of Local Multiplayer, the WiiU launch, and the latest singleplayer craze!

    Check it out HERE!
  • Posted By: Shiv | Blog: AdeptGamer Official Articles Jul 25, 2013

    Pulse started off as a student project which featured a truly unique concept, a game world that was uncovered through echolocation. The prototype of the game was relatively short but did well to show the concept of using echolocation to show the game world, mixed with platforming elements to challenge the player.

    The prototype garnered a huge positive response; so much so that the team (called TeamPixelPi) decided to try and gain funding from people using Kickstarter, so they could make the full game. So what happened? Well I got the opportunity to talk to Maxwell, a member of TeamPixelPi, about the Kickstarter journey and where the full version of Pulse is headed.
  • Posted By: Templar Thano | Blog: AdeptGamer Podcast Jul 19, 2013
    It's the Mark, Dan, and Devin football (half) hour!

    Grab your Valtrex, stop all that itching, and clean your jock straps while the boys delve into exclusivity and the recent happenings with EA losing the NCAA license!

    Also included is tips on how not to be Devin and sell your copy of Skyrim before the DLC comes out (shame, shame!) and how a game of Risk doesn't always take a month to complete with a copy of Risk: Factions.

    Check It Out HERE
  • Posted By: Kitty | Blog: AdeptGamer Official Articles Jul 18, 2013
    Under the Radar
    (Better looking header available at select retailers)

    Welcome to the first, brand-spanking-new edition of Under the Radar presented by yours truly, Kitty! While I’m normally your bastion of sarcasm and criticism I will be shifting gears to present you with some upcoming titles that may have slipped... Under the Radar. For those of you playing the drinking game variant: Shots every time you read the word “Radar”.

    Now this is a new thing for me which means I’ll be applying some rigid guidelines I hope to stick to. First off, I’ll have three categories:
    1. “Out of the Mainstream” is going to highlight the bigger, yet not too big, titles that may be sneaking up. Perhaps they’re for platforms getting the short end of the stick now or maybe they’re being overshadowed.
    2. “Out of the Niches” is going to highlight the titles that may only apply to a small segment of people. Figure things like rhythm games, strange Katamari-esque titles, and games that only a small group of dedicated people play.
    3. “Out of Left Field” is highlighting the games we just don’t expect. Sequels to long forgotten games, titles in a genre or on subject matter that has been avoided for a while, or even just plain strangeness that hasn’t even found an audience yet.
    Next up, I aim to be impartial. You may have heard of games in the first two categories but I’ll still be giving them a basic rundown and writing a basic teaser. The Left Field isn’t something I expect most to know about so I might go into them a bit more. I want to promote information on these titles, not foist my rather sarcastic opinions on you dear readers.
  • Posted By: Templar Thano | Blog: AdeptGamer Podcast Jul 12, 2013
    Yet another AG Podcast, hosted by Mark, Dan, and Devin!

    Everyone gets a minute to talk about what they're playing before they all rapidly age and start talking about NHL 94!

    Okay so maybe it's not all just about NHL but, you know, things get pretty old. We've got Suikoden, Chrono Trigger, and all sorts of other fun things! HD remakes, too! What's even up with those? Why are they just retextures that don't attempt to add more features? Street Fighter gets all the love there, I guess.

    Let's go! Check it out HERE!!
  • Posted By: StephNg88 | Blog: AdeptGamer Official Articles Jul 2, 2013

    On the 14th of February Nintendo announced that 2013 was going to be the Year of Luigi. The overshadowed brother would finally be coming into his own to get the recognition he deserved for 30 years of plumbing service. New Super Luigi U marks the second of the Luigi-based games due to be released this year (Luigi’s Mansion: Dark Moon was released for the 3DS back in March and Mario & Luigi: Dream Team is set for release on the 3DS in August) and marks two historic milestones for Nintendo as it is the not only the first platforming title to prominently feature Luigi as the titular star but also Nintendo’s first attempt at marketing downloadable content (DLC) in one of their first party titles. Will Luigi’s first solo outing on the Wii U prove that Nintendo stands to benefit from promoting more DLC for their first party titles?

    Given that this is add-on content there’s no surprise that the game is almost identical in appearance to New Super Mario Bros. U. When you start up New Super Luigi U you’ll notice that the opening sequence is exactly the same, bar the replacement of Mario with his hat. Given that Luigi is the star of the game, make him rescue his own princess (i.e. Daisy) and let Mario save Peach on his own time! More worrying as well to players that completed New Super Mario Bros. U is that the world map is identical to that of the base game which adds to the feeling that this is more of a re-skinning than proper DLC. What’s important to remember though is that New Super Luigi U is utilising the files from the New Super Mario Bros. U disc so it’s a little bit expected, albeit still slightly disappointing.
  • Posted By: Kitty | Blog: AdeptGamer Podcast Jun 28, 2013
    Mark, Dan, Devin, and several hired-on police officers protecting their soft craniums from stray sniper rounds are dutifully picking Hitman: Absolution out of the Cheap Bastard Summer Bargain Bin (In case you didn't know what CBSBB meant) to review!

    You've got semi-psychic hitmen, psychic police, sniper rifles chilling in scenic overlooks, and a city of Chicago almost completely populated with people from New York. Oh, and everyone lives in Chinatown.

    The boys talk cons pretty heavily here, but the twist at the end may surprise you! Let's face it, we all want to hear the negatives of a game before we invest our time in it anyway! Now if you'll excuse me, I have to go knock out a guard and steal his clothes.

    Check it out HERE!
  • Posted By: Spazticus | Blog: AdeptGamer Official Articles Jun 24, 2013

    Knights of Pen and Paper is a comical, fourth-wall breaking, turn based RPG that was originally released for mobile devices in 2012. Developed by Behold Studios and published by Paradox Interactive, it has now quested its way to PC and Mac, with the new (and aptly named) +1 Edition. The +1 Edition retails for $9.99 USD on Steam for PC and Mac. Players also have the option to buy the Deluxe Edition for $14.99 USD, which is the version I had pre-ordered; it is the basis for this review. I had extensively played through the mobile version, which has also been updated to the +1 Edition as a free upgrade for previous owners. However, it does not include the extra content exclusive to the Deluxe Edition. As of this post, that unfortunately means no Farm Village for your mobile device. The price for the Android and iOS versions remains at $2.99 USD.
  • Posted By: Templar Thano | Blog: AdeptGamer Podcast Jun 21, 2013
    Join Mark, Dan, and Devin in another frantabulous (it's a word, damnit) episode of the AG Podcast!

    The boys are wrapping up with their post-E3 impressions including some fan favourites like why is the WiiU a bastard child? Why is EA scoffing at your PC? Should you play Battlefield 4 just to not play Battlefield 4?

    We get a bit of insight from the team on Sony being terrible at updates and soft-bricking (explained below) people's consoles by accident! They apologized but have they damaged consumer confidence for the PS4?

    They also cover next gen! What, exactly, makes next gen so next gen-y? Why is the WiiU not next gen while the PS4 and XBOne are next gen? Did you know the Wii sold more than anything? Ever?! Also, clouds: how stupid are they?

    Check it out HERE

    I promise it's not filled with as many lies as Fable was.

    Editor's note: To slightly clarify as the situation has changed a bit (as the guys mentioned it likely would since recording) the PS3 "update of terror" isn't hard-bricking systems. Users report being able to access the console's safe boot mode, meaning a new update can still be applied to repair their systems. There are also rumours abound that Sony will be making some sort of official apology once everything is fixed and the new update is out while making some sort of amends. So if your system is bricked: Don't freak out any more! It's fixable and Sony will get you. I've had a chance to talk to a Sony rep about this, as well, and she reassured me they are fixing the update and will be supporting any maimed customers.
  • Posted By: StephNg88 | Blog: AdeptGamer Official Articles Jun 20, 2013

    So it's now come to this. After holding firm throughout their unveiling event and their E3 press conference, Microsoft has finally conceded. In a statement made yesterday, Microsoft has officially announced that the Xbox One will not require an internet connection every 24 hours to function. In addition to this, there will now be no restrictions on used games and the system will also be free from region locks. It's great news for fans of the console that weren't sold on its features, but is this enough to fix the image of the Xbox One? Or has Microsoft still got a way to go to fix the damage done to its latest console?

    I think it's fairly clear to everyone that these changes have come about due to the overwhelming response that Sony got for their stance on used game restrictions and always online DRM. Microsoft has heard the backlash from fans and adjusted their console so that they can come off looking like the good guys. The timing of this announcement is especially funny since Don Mattrick was caught prior to Microsoft’s E3 presentation stating that “Fortunately we have a product for people who aren't able to get some form of connectivity; it’s called Xbox 360.”. This backpedal by Microsoft seems less like an apology for implementing features that were never popular and instead comes off as a meager attempt at damage control based on Sony’s policies and gamer backlash. Is it a sign that Microsoft just became aware that their plan was never going to work? We’ll never know. But on the positive side, this showed that when enough people bitch about something, magical things can happen!
  • Posted By: StephNg88 | Blog: AdeptGamer Official Articles Jun 16, 2013

    There’s no question that E3 is recognised as one of the biggest gaming exhibitions in the world. I don't think there has ever been so much riding on an E3 event in the history of the big three companies as Microsoft, Sony and Nintendo all had something to prove to the legions of gamers that have been waiting patiently for the upcoming generation of consoles. Each company had a very specific goal that they needed to achieve in order to effectively convince consumers that their console was worth owning for the next generation. But the question is: Did they manage to deliver enough during their presentations to convince the typically picky and temperamental gamer demographic?


    What they needed to showcase: The Xbox One was a gaming console as well as a multimedia box

    Microsoft has been under fire ever since the rumour mill started at the PlayStation 4 unveiling event. The rumours of an entertainment-centric Xbox coupled with always online DRM began to chip away at the fan base Microsoft had spent a generation building up. The unveiling event for the Xbox One didn't do any more favours for the struggling console. It not only confirmed the rumours of always online DRM and a heavy focus on non-gaming aspects, but also introduced a slew of other detestable features such as used game fees and the requirement to have the Kinect sensor plugged in to operate the console. Whilst Microsoft did clear up a lot of the confusion regarding the implementation of the features in the Xbox One, the damage was all but done in the eyes of the gaming community. E3 was the last hope for Microsoft to turn swathes of gamers back to their side by presenting the Xbox One for what it's really meant to be: A gaming console.
  • Posted By: Templar Thano | Blog: AdeptGamer Podcast Jun 14, 2013
    Our intrepid podcasters Dan, Devin, and Mark give their E3 impressions. Some of the heart-stopping issues: Microsoft being boring, Sony being exciting. Console exclusives, not so exclusive. Is your anger well-placed? Are the cons really cons? Who's going to come out on top by the end? Will you even remember E3 in a year?!

    Right, enough with the phony newscaster stuff. The guys talk about the new consoles and whether it's worthwhile to buy either at launch. They cover their thoughts about if it's even necessary or if the current gen is going to keep going strong despite newer, shinier consoles sneaking up. One of them is even releasing a new version of their current console! The major titles that are coming out on the new consoles are also coming out for what's on your shelf now! Also, what the hell is going on with the WiiU title lineup? Always online or always complaining? All this and more in another fabulous entry!

    Also: Buying tips!
    Hint: It's pretty much, "Shut up and buy what you like!"

    Listen HERE

    Editor's note: At one point the guys note that the PS4 Eye will likely be around $100 which will even out the price difference between the XBOne and the PS4. I've heard tell that it will be about $60. While not a big difference, it bears noting.
  • Posted By: StephNg88 | Blog: AdeptGamer Official Articles May 31, 2013
    We're less than 24 hours out from the unveiling of the Xbox One from Microsoft and it feels like the next generation console war is already over. The poor PlayStation 4 unveiling meant that Microsoft had a golden opportunity to regain some ground on its competitor with an excellent event to showcase the latest Xbox. Microsoft was already struggling to gain traction with the new Xbox due to the constant rumors circling the internet of it requiring to always be online so this event was meant to be their chance to really promote the console and dispel all the negative press. Instead, what we got was:

    Con - Microsoft's Inability to Count

    It didn't seem like a decision that would be particularly jarring, yet here we are discussing it. There were lots of code names floating around the Net relating to the name of Microsoft's new console. And any of them would be better than what we ended up with. The naming of the Xbox One seems like an attempt by Microsoft to reboot the Xbox franchise, despite the fact that it wasn't really necessary. It doesn't even translate into a shortened form easily; PlayStation always had the PS-insert number here- moniker and Nintendo always seems to be able to come up with clever nicknames. The Xbox One just doesn't cut as even the Xbox 360 had the roll-of-the-tongue '360' moniker. Microsoft has previously stated that they wanted the new Xbox to be a center-of-the-room style of device, which does clear up the Xbox One name, as they would see it as the one device you'd need for your living room. Now that I think about it, Microsoft may have been going for the less than obvious 'Xbox Won' as a subtle dig that they feel they've conquered the next generation of gaming console.