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  • General Gameplay Tips

    • Not all of the shops and training facilities are necessarily useful by the time you get to the mid and late stages of the game. Try to focus on a select group of buildings to maximise your item usage.
    • Genetics are the key factor to improving your horses. Try to selectively breed horses to get the best genetics for the final colt you have in mind. The horses that you get in the middle may be garbage, but the end result is well worth it.
    • The longest race in the game is 6,600 m. To give you an idea of how much Stamina you will need to finish the race; 700+ minimum on the horse, with a jockey that has 240 Handle (Riding) was able to just finish the race.
    • Medals are relatively plentiful in the early to mid stages of the game, but become more scarce towards the end of the game. Plan your shop placements accordingly so that you don't run our of Medals when they are most necessary.
    • When you complete a race, a tour bus will arrive at your ranch at 9:30 am, and drop off a bus full of the visitors that were watching the race. Use this to your advantage by driving bus loads of visitors that you need to improve Value with to your ranch every few months
    • Only apply skills to horses once they reach their maximum stat caps. Skills are useful for pushing stats past their maximum, and are wasted if they are used only to reach the maximum. On the same note, training facilities can also push stats past their maximum, so even if your horse has reached it's stat cap, continue to train them using facilities to improve beyond them.

    End Game

    At the end of Y16 M3, your score will be calculated as follows:

    • Final Money: / 0.5
    • Final Medals: x 40
    • Races Won: x 2,000
    • Triple Crowns Won: x 20,000
    • Total Guests: x 20
    • Total Evaluation: x 10
    • Pedigrees Unlocked: x 4,000
    • Skills Unlocked: x 1,500
    • Total Skill Improved: x 900

    Upon starting a subsequent playthrough, you carry over the following:

    • Any 2 Items from the following list: Speed Feed, Quality Seed, Value Seed, First-Aid Kit & any skills that were unlocked prior to Y16 M4
    • All jockey stats prior to Y16 M4
    • All Pedigree Paper opportunities unlocked
    • 1 x Kairodome Shop
    • 1 of each environmental decoration unlocked prior to Y16 M4
  • General Information

    Jockeys are a pivotal component to racing, as their stats offer a boost to the base stats of your horse prior to racing. As such, it becomes very important to train jockeys as well as horses. Jockeys have 4 stats, which are outlined below:

    • Handle: Boosts the Stamina of the horse
    • Drive: Boosts the Speed of the horse
    • Corner: Boosts the Dexterity of the horse
    • Training: Boosts the Intensity of the horse

    You have two options when it comes to selecting a jockey for a race. You can either commission a jockey on a per race basis, or invite them to live at your ranch and for a one-time contract fee and pay them a monthly salary. It is much better to invite a jockey to live at your ranch than to hire them for an individual race, unless your live-in jockeys have significantly worse stats than the hireable jockeys.

    The main benefit of having a jockey on your ranch is that you are able to train them to boost their skills. However, you can also allocate a jockey to train with a horse on your ranch, which will offer a smaller boost to the rate of training and the training benefits of the horse in question.

    Note that when training jockeys, they will reach a stat cap based on the training method that is being used. The maximum stats listed in the table below reflect the highest that you can train a jockey, when using the best training methods available.

    Name Commission Fee Contract Fee Salary Base Handle Stat Base Drive Stat Base Corner Stat Base Training Stat Max Handle Stat Max Drive Stat Max Corner Stat Max Training Stat Unlock Condition
    Mac Chestnut
    $84 $42
    $7 40 23 20 7 60 50 50 15 Initially Available
    Peachy Keen
    $54 $27 $5 56 13 40 11 80 30 70 20 Initially Available
    Hal Norton
    $168 $84 $9 32 10 10 24 40 20 20 60 Initially Available
    Lester Wu
    $153 $76 $10 25 34 10 3 50 70 20 10 Initially Available
    Peregrine Lee
    $312 $156 $12 48 10 11 23 70 20 20 60 Initially Available
    Buck Norris
    $324 $162 $15 45 29 16 5 100 70 40 10 Win Maiden Race
    Michael Equus V
    $396 $198 $18 34 41 21 12 40 85 50 30 Initially Available
    Ewan Hillsbrook
    $528 $264 $22 53 22 14 36 110 40 40 80 Win 5 Mil. Qualifier
    Leon Rivers
    $462 $231 $20 23 21 41 4 60 40 90 10 Win 5 Mil. Qualifier
    Holly Waverly
    $468  $234 $22 47 27 56 11 130 60 120 20 Win 5 Mil. Qualifier
    Boris Beefy
    $690 $345 $28 54 40 56 56 110 90 100 100 Win 5 Mil. Qualifier
    Ponytail Dogswood
    $720 $360 $29 65 45 45 52 140 100 80 120 Win Maiden Race
    Lenny Ling
    $498 $249 $21 67 41 49 21 120 115 110 50 Win 10 Mil. Qualifier
    Dyna Mike
    $578 $288 $24 53 49 13 7 120 140 30 20 Win 10 Mil. Qualifier
    Summer Bright
    $834 $417 $32 39 50 75 32 70 90 130 60 Win 16 Mil. Qualifier
    Willy Hays
    $900 $450 $35 81 49 49 91 170 90 130 60 Win 16 Mil. Qualifier
    Cory Detter
    $924 $462 $35 24 84 12 9 70 150 30 20 Win 16 Mil. Qualifier
    Geronimo Jones
    $996 $498 $38 58 88 32 60 160 160 60 140 Win Plum Stakes Race
    Mimi Meers
    $1100 $555 $42 58 44 72 64 120 90 140 180 Win Plum Stakes Race
    William Stein
    $978 $489 $37 77 55 45 16 150 130 100 30 Win Plum Stakes Race
    Ken Koga
    $1,062 $531 $40 43 79 56 16 80 200 100 30 Win Bamboo Cup Race
    Serena Sun
    $1098 $549 $41 69 99 85 8 140 180 160 20 Win Bamboo Cup Race
    Rabi Bunn $1,140 $570 $43 30 99 40 5 50 210 80 10 Win Triomphe Stakes Race
    King Ackbar
    $1,290 $645 $48 80 62 57 85 240 150 140 190 Win Ackbar Cup Race
  • Horse Stats

    Horses are the main focus of the game, and you will spend a large period of the game training them to compete in races. Horses have a wide variety of stats, which are outlined below:

    • Stamina: Affects the distance the horse can run before tiring out. Horses with high stamina can run in longer races.
    • Speed: Affects the top speed of the horse. Horses with high speed can run faster.
    • Dexterity: Affects the turning speed of the horse. Horses with high skill do not slow down as much before turns.
    • Intensity: Affects the acceleration of the horse. Horses with high sprint reach their top speed faster.
    • Temper [G]: Affects the surplus energy of the horse. Horses with high guts can have longer speed boosts during the race.
    • Gate [SG]: Affects how quickly the horse leaves the starting gate. Horses with high starting gate take off faster at the start of races.
    • Smarts  [I]: Affects the success rate when teaching the horse new skills. Horses with high intelligence have more success learning new skills.
    • Strength [V]: Affects the rate of Fatigue loss when the horse is sleeping. Horses with high vitality will recover faster when sleeping.
    • Fatigue: Fatigue builds up for horses when they race or undergo training. If the fatigue bar is filled, then the horse becomes injured, and has a chance of dying. If a horse is continually pushed, even when injured, then the rate of death increases significantly.
    • Condition: Mood affects the performance of the horse when racing. Horses with better moods will receive high stat gains at the start of each race.

    Stake Class Ranks

    As your horses win races, they will unlock specific ranks that will allow them to compete in more races. Most races have a minimum rank that the horses entering must satisfy. The available ranks for all horses are outlined below:

    • Newcomer: This rank is automatically given to any new horses that enter your ranch, and is lost as soon as they compete for the first time.
    • Maiden: This rank is given to a horse that has not won a race.
    • 5 mil: This rank is given to a horse that has won the Maiden Race or the Novice Race (if it was not won the first time around).
    • 10 mil: This rank is given to a horse that has won either the 5 Mil. Qualifier or the Sp. Novice Race.
    • 16 mil: This rank is given to a horse that has won either the 10 Mil. Qualifier or the Cornmeal Anniv.
    • GIII: This rank is given to a horse that has won either the 16 Mil. Qualifier or the 10 Mil. Special race.
    • GII: This rank is given to a horse that has won the Plum Stakes race.
    • GI: This rank is given to a horse that has won the Bamboo Cup race.


    Each horse comes with 2 inherent genetic traits that boost its stats. These genetic traits are fixed for pure bred horses. The full list of genetic traits is outlined below:

    • Stamina: Stamina stat limit +50
    • Stamina+: Stamina stat limit +100
    • Speed: Speed stat limit +50
    • Speed+: Speed stat limit +100
    • Dexterity: Skill limit +50
    • Dexterity+: Skill stat limit +100
    • Intensity: Sprint limit +50
    • Intensity+: Sprint stat limit +100
    • Temper [G]: Guts +20
    • Temper+ [G]: Guts +40
    • Gate  [SG]: Starting Gate +20
    • Gate+ [SG]: Starting Gate +40
    • Smarts [I]: Intelligence +20
    • Smarts+ [I]: Intelligence +40
    • Strength  [V]: Vitality +20
    • Strength+ [V]: Vitality +40

    When breeding horses, the genetics are the key factor to consider. The genetic traits of the horses are combined for the colt, with the mother's traits added first. Each horse can only have a maximum of 5 genetic traits, and when this limit is exceeded, the first trait is removed and replaced with the final trait of the father. If the horse that you choose to breed has a final genetic trait that matches the first genetic trait of the breeding horse, then the two traits will combine to make a strong genetic trait. As such, selective breeding of horses to achieve the best genetics will result in the best possible stats for the colt.

    Horse Breeds

    Horse breeds are gradually unlocked throughout the course of the game when visitors reach 300 Value or when specific races are won. There are a total of 22 breeds of horse available in the game. When you research new breeds, you are presented with a selection of 3 different horses. The new horses that are available for each research attempt is as follows:

    • 1st Research: Seeker, Charger, and Lapine
    • 2nd Research: Hefty and Python
    • 3rd Research: DeGrasse
    • 4th Research: None (Only previous breeds available)
    • 5th Research: Sneaker
    • 6th Research: Tuft
    • 7th Research: Pinetree
    • 8th Research: Noblesse
    • 9th Research: Toadstool
    • 10th Research: Bouffant
    • 11th Research: Regency
    • 12th Research: Caribou
    • 13th Research: Sunflower
    • 14th Research: Carrotop
    • 15th Research: Gazelle
    • 16th Research: Monocero
    • 17th Research: Tomahawk
    • 18th Research: Leon
    • 19th Research: None (Only previous breeds available)
    • 20th Research: None (Only previous breeds available)

    The table below outlines the stats for all the available breeds of horses in the game.

    Name Purchase Cost Breeding Cost Genetics Stam (Stamina) Sped (Speed) Dex (Dexterity) Inten (Intensity) Temper
    Smarts [I] Strength
    Grass Affinity Dirt Affinity Skill Slots
     $400 $200 Strength [V] & Temper [G] B+ D C+ D D E E A O ʘ 2
    Seeker $500 $250 Dexterity & Smarts [I] C D+ C C+ E E E C ʘ 2
    Hefty $600 $300 Stamina & Gate [SG] A C B C D D D B O O 3
    Python $700 $350 Strength [V] & Stamina C C B C+ D E+ D B X ʘ 3
    Sneaker $800 $400 Gate [SG] & Speed
    C D+ B+ A D C+ D C O 3
    Noblesse $1,000 $500 Smarts [I] & Dexterity C C B B C E+ C D ʘ X 5
    Bouffant $1,200 $600
    Intensity & Dexterity A B B+ S C D C D O X 4
    Caribou $1,400 $700 Stamina+  & Gate  [SG] C+ A A+ A C E+ C E O ʘ 4
    Sunflower $1,600 $800 Dexterity+ & Temper [G] A B+ B+ A B D C E O O 4
    Gazelle $1,800 $900 Speed+ & Dexterity A+ B+ A+ B+ C D C E ʘ 4
    Monocero $2,000 $1,000 Smarts+ [I] & Speed B+ B S+ S+ C D C+ E O X 5
    $400 $200 Speed & Intensity D+ C D D+ E E E B+ ʘ O 2
    Charger $500 $250 Temper [G] & Stamina C B D B E+ E E B O 2
    Lapine $600 $300 Gate  [SG] & Dexterity C B D B+ D C D C ʘ O 3
    DeGrasse $700 $350 Intensity & Temper [G] C B+ C B C E+ D D O ʘ 3
    Tuft $800 $400
    Speed & Gate  [SG] C B C A D E D D ʘ X 3
    Pinetree $1,000 $500 Smarts [I] & Strength [V] C+ A C A C E+ C E ʘ 4
    Toadstool $1,200 $600 Stamina & Strength [V] S A+ C S+ C D C E O 3
    Regency $1,400 $700
    Temper+ [G] & Speed B+ S+ D+ S+ C D C E O 3
    Carrotop $1,600 $800 Gate+  [SG] & Temper+ [G]
    S S+ C+ S+ B E E E ʘ 4
    Tomahawk $1,800 $900 Strength+ [V] & Stamina A+ S+ S+ S+ C D C E ʘ 4
    Leon $2,000 $1,000 Intensity+ & Speed B+ S+ A S+ C D B E ʘ X 4
  • Jockey Training

    Training options are broken down into three tiers, relating to how far you can push their stats using those options. New training options for jockeys are unlocked by having certain visitors reach specific Value levels. All jockeys have an Energy value of 20, which effects how much they can be trained before they need to rest. Energy refills very quickly though, so it is more a matter of having enough money to maximise a jockeys stats rather than waiting for energy to refill.

    Name Cost Tier Energy Handle Boost Drive Boost Corner Boost Training Boost Unlock Condition
    Endurance $75 -6 Tier 1 +

    Initially Available
    Jump Rope
    $75 -5 Tier 1 +
    Initially Available
    Whip Use
    $110 -5 Tier 1
    + Initially Available
    Train Up
    $100 -5 Tier 1

    + Initially Available
    Shape-Up $115 -6 Tier 2 ++ +

    Farmer = 180 Value
    Blnc. Ball
    $125 -5 Tier 2 +
    Musician = 180 Value
    Discipline $160 -5 Tier 2
    + Businessman = 180 Value
    Empathy $150
    -5 Tier 2

    ++ Bookie = 180 Value
    Monkey Crouch
    $180 -6 Tier 3 ++
    Fashionista = 180 Value
    Hang On
    $185 -5 Tier 3 +
    Investor = 180 Value
    Windmill Whip
    $225 -5 Tier 3 + ++

    Street Fighter = 300 Value
    Horse-ese $210 -5 Tier 3
    ++ Horse Owner = 300 Value

    Horse Training

    Training operates the same way for horses as it does for jockeys. New training options for horses are unlocked by purchasing the Bearington Contract from Sir Pumpkin All pure bred horses have an Energy value of 20, which effects how much they can be trained before they need to rest. As you bred horses, their Energy increases by 10 for the 2nd generation, with a increase of 2 for each successive generation. Energy refills much slower for horses, which is not a bad thing, since training also increases their Fatigue, which brings them closer to injury. Be careful when training a horse while competing with it, since Fatigue builds up quite quickly in races.

    Name Cost Energy Stam Sped Dex Inten Fatigue Unlock Condition
    Stride Pr. $45 -6

    + Initially Available
    Pitch Pr.
    $30 -5

    + + Initially Available
    Pull Cart
    $33 -9 +

    ++ Initially Available
    Jump Drill
    $55 -7

    + + + Initially Available
    Massage $75 -7

    - Initially Available
    Speedster 12 Medals -6

    ++ Purchase Bearington Contract
    Ninja $375 -5
    + + ++ ++ Purchase Bearington Contract
    Toughness $330 -9 ++
    ++ Purchase Bearington Contract
    Origami 10 Medals -7

    ++ + ++ Purchase Bearington Contract
  • General Information

    When selecting a horse for any race, pay attention to the layout, terrain and distance of the course. Horses with a good terrain affinity will gain a slight stat boost, which can sometimes be more beneficial than having slightly higher stats. If the race has long straightways, then a horse with high Speed is a good pick, since you will spend the majority of the time at top speed, whereas a course with a lot of sharp turns will benefit more from a horse with high Dexterity and Intensity to maintain speed.

    When at the pre-start screen for the race, hitting the button in the bottom left will allow you to choose a racing strategy. Each racing strategy is tailored for specific racing conditions, and can play a big part in whether you win or lose a race. There are four options to choose from, which are outlined below:

    • Clo: Maintains a lower speed for the first half of the race and gradually builds up to top speed by the end of the race. Temper is consumed only at the end of the race. This strategy is useful for the longer races in the game, as it conserves Stamina and Temper until the end of the race, where it is usually the most useful.
    • Stlk: Maintains a lower speed when not in a group, but speeds up to pull away from group as they catch up. Temper is consumed when surrounding horses begin to catch up. This strategy is not particularly useful as it burns through Temper pretty quickly, as horses tend to clump together for the majority of the longer races. The Clos strategy is much more viable for long races.
    • Erly: Maintains a higher speed for the first half of the race and uses Temper to pull ahead of the group early in the race. Temper are consumed early in the race to pull away from the group. This strategy is useful for the mid-range distance races, as it becomes more important to pull ahead and stay ahead of the group in these races, as you have very little time to catch up if you fall behind.
    • Frnt: Maintains maximum speed for the majority of the race and uses Temper whenever you are not in the lead. Temper are consumed early in the race to gain the lead, and will continue to be consumed whenever you fall from the lead. This strategy is only useful for sprint races, as you need to pull away hard and fast. Once you unlock the Starter and Starter II skills, this strategy becomes less useful, and is replaced by Erly.

    Single Races

    The single races form the majority of the challenge in this game. You can register up to 2 horses and jockeys for any single race, provided that the horses qualify for the race. Single races are unlocked in two ways; by completing previously available races or by satisfying the evaluators that watch certain races. Single races are well worth completing as you will unlock the majority of the content in the game by winning these races.

    Name Class Terrain Distance First Place Prize Money First Place Prizes Spectators Unlock Condition
    Novice Race
    Newcomer Grass: Soft
    600 m $700 30 Medals (& Pedigree Paper?)
    Student & Sir Pumpkin Reach Y1 M5
    Sp. Novice Race Newcomer Grass: Normal 1,600 m $1,000 60 Medals & Plans: Slalom Musician, Skylark & Assoc. Pres. Win 16 Mil. Qualifier
    Maiden Race
    Maiden Dirt: Soft
    600 m $600 30 Medals Student & Sir Pumpkin
    Lose the Novice Race
    Pumpkin Match
    Grass: Soft
    400 m $1,200 30 Medals & Item Store
    Satisfy Sir Pumpkin Evaluator
    Cornmeal Anniv.
    Local Dirt: Soft 400 m $320 25 Medals & Plans: Rest Area Student & Part-Timer Reach Y1 M10
    Mn. Racehorse Local Dirt: Soft 2,400 m $420 25 Medals & AB: Drag Racer
    Office Clerk & Part-Timer Satsify Monthly Evaluator
    Diamond Stakes Local Grass: Soft 1,000 m $520 25 Medals, D. Car Cafe & AB: Form Assist Farmer & Shepherd Satisfy Diamond Evaluator
    Pumpkin Match
    Local Dirt: Normal 800 m $1,700 30 Medals & Land Deed
    Win 16 Mil. Qualifier
    MegaComm Ultra Local Dirt: Soft 2,400 m $620 25 Medals, Plans: Spa & Rearrange Businessman & Gardener Satisfy Mega-Comm Evaluator
    Skylark Zoo Cup Local Dirt: Soft 3,000 m $720
    30 Medals & Plans: Memorial Hall Poet & Musician Satisfy Skylark Evaluator
    Colt Records Cup
    Local Dirt: Soft 3,800 m $820 35 Medals & Plans: Sportsbook
    Stylist & Bookie Satisfy Colt Evaluator
    Princess Cup Local Dirt: Soft 2,800 m $920 40 Medals & AB: Dexterity II
    Broker & Street Fighter Satisfy Pony Comm. Evaluator
    Cheerful Cup
    Local Grass: Normal 1,400 m $1,200 50 Medals & Stable Fashionista & Horse Owner Satisfy Cheerful Evaluator
    Chimpan Cup Local Grass: Hard 6,400 m $2,400
    190 Medals, Statue & Send-Off Bag Oil Magnate & Kairobot Win Ackbar Cup race
    Kairo Memorial Cup
    Local Dirt: Hard 6,600 m $2,600 200 Medals, Statue & Kairodome
    Satisfy Kairobot Evaluator
    5 Mil. Qualifier
    5 mil
    Dirt: Normal
    800 m $800 30 Medals & Stable Part-Timer, Sir Pumpkin, Monthly & Assoc. Pres. Win Maiden Race
    10 Mil. Qualifier 10 mil
    Grass: Soft
    800 m $900 30 Medals & Plans: Dirt
    Shepherd, Diamond & Assoc. Pres. Win 5 Mil. Qualifier
    10 Mil. Special 10 mil
    Dirt: Normal 2,400 m $1,200 50 Medals & Plans: Grass Musician, Skylark & Assoc. Pres. Win Sp. Novice Race
    16 Mil. Qualifier 16 mil
    Grass: Normal 1,200 m $1,100 40 Medals, Stable & Plans: Sloping Gardener, Mega-Comm & Assoc. Pres. Win 10 Mil. Qualifier race
    Plum Stakes GIII Grass: Normal 1,400 m $1,500 80 Medals, Plans: Restaurant & AB: Strength
    Bookie & Colt
    Have a horse reach the GIII class
    Bamboo Cup GII Grass: Normal 600 m $1,600
    100 Medals, Stable & Plans: Museum
    Broker & Pony Comm. Win Plum Stakes race
    Pines Memorial GI Dirt: Normal 1,200 m $1,700 120 Medals, Plans: Overlook & AB: Gate II
    Horse Owner & Cheerful
    Win Bamboo Cup race
    Grand Cup GI Grass: Normal 4,000 m $1,800 140 Medals, Statue & Pedigree Paper Investor & Gentleman Win Pines Memorial race
    Triomphe Stakes GI Grass: Hard 4,200 m $1,900 160 Medals, Statue & Pedigree Paper Gentleman & Oil Magnate Win Grand Cup race
    Ackbar Cup GI Dirt: Hard 4,800 m $2,100
    180 Medals, Statue & Pedigree Paper Oil Magnate Win Triomphe Stakes race

    Triple Crown Challenges

    The triple crown challenges become available every year in M3, as long as you have a horse that has reached the GI class and is either 3 or 4 years old. Note that this horse must be in your ranch in M3 at 10:00 am, or else the organiser will not grant you entry to participate.

    The two triple crown challenges consist of three races each, taking place in M5, M8 and M11. Whilst each race has an individual first prize, the real prize comes from winning all three races in the same year, with the same horse. Upon winning all three races, you are awarded a very large cash prize and large number of Medals. In addition to this, the horse that wins the triple crown experiences a significant rise in value, so that if it is ever sold, you will make a lot more money.

    The challenge for the triple crown races is that the Fatigue experienced at the end of each race is 1.5 times larger than a typical single race. Combining this with the fact that you must use the same horse for all three races means that it becomes very important to manage Fatigue. Keeping Nutrient Drinks handy for the triple crowns is almost a necessity to avoid serious injury to your horses.

    Classic Triple Crown

    The Classic Triple Crown is available to horses that are 3 years old and have reached the G1 class. The prize for winning all three races is $10,000 and 50 Medals.

    Name Class Terrain Distance First Place Prize Money
    Primavera Prize
    GI Grass: Hard 3,000 m $1,500
    Grande Derby
    GI Grass: Hard 3,000 m $1,700
    Foliage Classic
    GI Grass: Hard 4,000 m $1,900

    Dirt Triple Crown

    The Dirt Triple Crown is available to horses that are 4 years old and have reached the G1 rank. The prize for winning all three races is $8,000 and 100 Medals.

    Name Class Terrain Distance First Place Prize Money
    Rainbow Stakes GI Dirt: Hard 1,600 m $1,500
    Summer Cup
    GI Dirt: Hard 4,000 m $1,700
    Cassiopeia Cup
    GI Dirt: Hard 3,000 m $1,900
  • Skills play an integral role in the success of your horses, as they can be used to give them new abilities or to push their stats past their maximum capabilities. When teaching a new skill to a horse, the main stat that affects the success rate is the Smarts of the horse. However, this can be circumvented by using Medals to increase the success rate. In the event that the horse does not learn the skill, they will be awarded with a small stat increase, provided that you tried to teach them the skill and used Medals in the process.

    Name Teaching Cost Rank Upgrade Cost Level 1 Boost Level 2 Boost Level 3 Boost Unlock Condition
    Stamina $200 E 10 Medals +53 Stamina +66 Stamina +80 Stamina Buy Ability Set from Sir Pumpkin
    Speed $300 D 20 Medals +26 Speed +33 Speed +40 Speed Student reaches 90 Value
    Dexterity $200 E 15 Medals +26 Dexterity +33 Dexterity +40 Dexterity Buy Ability Set from Sir Pumpkin
    Intensity $300 D 20 Medals +26 Intensity +33 Intensity +40 Intensity Buy Ability Set from Sir Pumpkin
    Strength $200 E 10 Medals +36 Strength +43 Strength +50 Strength Win Plum Stakes race
    Temper $200 E 10 Medals +26 Temper +33 Temper +40 Temper Part-Timer reaches 180 Value
    Grass $300 D 15 Medals +5 Grass +6 Grass +8 Grass Office Clerk reaches 180 Value
    Dirt $300 D 15 Medals +5 Dirt +6 Dirt +8 Dirt Office Clerk reaches 90 Value
    Stamina II $400 D 20 Medals +133 Stamina +166 Stamina +200 Stamina Broker reaches 90 Value
    Speed II
    B 30 Medals +66 Speed +83 Speed +100 Speed Mane Stylist reaches 180 Value
    Dexterity II $600 C 25 Medals +66 Dexterity +83 Dexterity +100 Dexterity Win Princess Cup race
    Intensity II
    $700 B 30 Medals +66 Intensity +83 Intensity +100 Intensity Poet reaches 90 Value
    Strength II $400 D 20 Medals +66 Strength +83 Strength +100 Strength Gentleman reaches 90 Value
    Temper II $400 D 20 Medals +60 Temper +70 Temper +80 Temper Oil Magnate reaches 180 Value
    Gate II $400 D 20 Medals +66 Gate
    +83 Gate
    +100 Gate
    Win Pines Memorial race
    Grass II
    $500 C 25 Medals +13 Grass +16 Grass +20 Grass Fashionista reaches 90 Value
    Dirt II
    $500 C 25 Medals +13 Dirt +16 Dirt +20 Dirt Street Fighter reaches 180 Value
    Form Assist
    $500 C 25 Medals +13 Speed & +13 Intensity +21 Speed & +21 Intensity +30 Speed & +30 Intensity Win Diamond Stakes race
    Drag Racer
    $400 D 20 Medals -40 Speed, +40 Stamina & +36 Temper -40 Speed, +50 Stamina & +43 Temper -40 Speed, +60 Stamina & +50 Temper Win Mn. Racehorse race
    Behind $500
    C 25 Medals Behind 1 Behind 2 Behind 3 Poet reaches 180 Value
    Behind II $900 A 35 Medals Behind 4 Behind 5 Behind 6 Gentleman reaches 180 Value
    Starter $400 D 20 Medals Starter 1 Starter 2 Starter 3 Shepherd reaches 90 Value
    Starter II
    $800 B 30 Medals Starter 4 Starter 5 Starter 6 Horse Owner reaches 90 Value
  • General Information

    Whenever a new facility, shop or skill is unlocked, it appears as a research option. From there, you must pay a certain number of Medals to make the corresponding item available to you. In addition to this, certain unique research opportunities become available at certain points in the game. Be aware that only 3 research opportunities can be undertaken at once, so plan accordingly so that you can have the items that you want available as early as possible.

    Note that the Pedigree Paper option becomes available numerous times throughout the game, and the price to research it increases each time. The formula listed is 30 +X0 Medals, where X is the number of times it has been previously researched.

    Name Cost Effect Unlock Condition
    Pedigree Paper
    30 +X0 Medals Unlocks new horse breeds Any visitor, except for Street Fighter or Horse Owner, reaches 300 Value and win Novice Race?,  Grand Cup, Triomphe Stakes and Ackbar Cup races
    Plans: Rest Area 20 Medals Unlocks Rest Area Win Cornmeal Anniv. race
    Plans: Grass 60 Medals Unlocks Grass Course
    Win 10 Mil. Special race
    Plans: Sloping
    30 Medals Unlocks Sloping Course Win 16 Mil. Qualifier race
    Plans: Slalom
    60 Medals Unlocks Slalom Win Sp. Novice Race
    Plans: Spa
    60 Medals Unlocks Spa
    Win MegaComm Ultra race
    Plans: Overlook 80 Medals Unlocks Obsrvtn Dck Win Pines Memorial race
    Plans: Memorial Hall 50 Medals Unlocks Memorial Hall Win Skylark Zoo Cup race
    Plans: Museum 80 Medals Unlocks Museum Win Bamboo Cup race
    Plans: Dining Car Cafe
    40 Medals Unlocks D. Car Cafe Win Diamond Stakes race
    Plans: Restaurant 80 Medals Unlocks Restaurant Win Plum Stakes race
    Plans: Sportsbook 80 Medals Unlocks Sportsbook Win Colt Records Cup race
    Plans: Dirt 60 Medals Unlocks Dirt Course Win 10 Mil. Qualifier race
    AB: Speed 20 Medals Unlocks Speed Skill Student reaches 90 Value
    AB: Strength
    10 Medals Unlocks Strength Skill Win Plum Stakes race
    AB: Temper 10 Medals Unlocks Temper Skill Part-Timer reaches 180 Value
    AB: Grass 30 Medals Unlocks Grass Skill
    Office Clerk reaches 180 Value
    AB: Dirt 30 Medals Unlocks Dirt Skill Office Clerk reaches 90 Value
    AB: Stamina II 60 Medals Unlocks Stamina II Skill Broker reaches 90 Value
    AB: Speed II
    60 Medals Unlocks Speed II Skill Mane Stylist reaches 180 Value
    AB: Dexterity II 60 Medals Unlocks Dexterity II Skill Win Princess Cup race
    AB: Intns. II 60 Medals Unlocks Intensity II Skill Poet reaches 90 Value
    AB: Strength II 60 Medals Unlocks Strength II Skill Gentleman reaches 90 Value
    AB: Temper II 60 Medals Unlocks Temper II Skill Oil Magnate reaches 180 Value
    AB: Gate II
    60 Medals Unlocks Gate II
    Win Pines Memorial race
    AB: Grass II
    80 Medals Unlocks Grass II Skill Fashionista reaches 90 Value
    AB: Dirt II
    80 Medals Unlocks Dirt II  Skill Street Fighter reaches 180 Value
    AB: Form Assist 40 Medals Unlocks Form Assist Skill
    Win Diamond Stakes race
    AB: Drag Racer
    30 Medals Unlocks Drag Racer Skill Win Mn. Racehorse race
    AB: Behind 40 Medals Unlocks Behind Skill Poet reaches 180 Value
    AB: Behind II 100 Medals Unlocks Behind II Skill Gentleman reaches 180 Value
    AB: Starter 30 Medals Unlocks Starter Skill
    Shepherd reaches 90 Value
    AB: Starter II
    80 Medals Unlocks Starter II Skill
    Horse Owner reaches 180 Value
    Drill:Shape-Up 50 Medals Unlocks Shape-Up Training Farmer reaches 180 Value
    Drill: Balance Ball
    50 Medals Unlocks Blnc. Ball Training Musician reaches 180 Value
    Drill:Whip 50 Medals Unlocks Discipline Training Businessman reaches 180 Value
    Drill:Empathy 50 Medals Unlocks Empathy Training
    Bookie reaches 180 Value
    Drill:Mk. Crouch
    80 Medals Unlocks Monkey Crouch Training Fashionista reaches 180 Value
    Drill:Hang On
    80 Medals Unlocks Hang On Training Investor reaches 180 Value
    Drill: W.M. Whip
    80 Medals Unlocks Windmill Whip Training Street Fighter reaches 300 Value
    Drill:Horse-ese 80 Medals Unlocks Horse-ese Training Horse Owner reaches 300 Value
    Add Stock
    40 Medals Expands Store Inventory Buy 50 Items from Sir Pumpkin
    Add Stock
    80 Medals Expands Store Inventory Further Buy 150 Items from Sir Pumpkin
    Rearrange 80 Medals Unlocks Rearrange Option Win MegaComm Ultra race
  • General Information

    Items play a pivotal role in the development of your ranch as they form the primary method in which to increase the stats of your buildings. For example, the stat Quality will affect the Value received from visitors. It is important to utilise items effectively to ensure that your gain access to the research opportunities that satisfying visitors unlocks.

    Item Statistics

    Every time you purchase an item from Sir Pumpkin, the price of the successive item goes up. The price increase is dependent on how many total items you have purchased of that type. For every 5 items that you purchase after the initial one, the price increase will be fixed in an allocated 'Tier', as outlined below:

    • Tier 1: Items 2 - 6
    • Tier 2: Items 7 - 10
    • Tier 3: Items 11 - 15
    • Tier 4: Items 16 - 20
    • Tier 5: Items 21 - 25
    • Tier 6: Items 26 - 30
    Name Base Cost Effect Tier 1 Price Increase Tier 2 Price Increase Tier 3 Price Increase Tier 4 Price Increase Tier 5 Price Increase Tier 6 Price Increase Unlock Condition
    Speed Feed

    Greatly boosts the Speed of a horse

    Win Maiden Race
    Quality Seed $300 Greatly boosts the Quality of a building $50

    Reach Y2 M6
    Value Seed $400 Greatly boosts the Price of a building $60

    Reach Y2 M12
    Nutrient Drink $200 Greatly reduces the Fatigue of a horse $18

    Student reaches 180 Value
    First-Aid Kit
    Heals an injured horse

    Garden Expert reaches 90 Value
    Natural Spring
    $48 Effective on courses and rest areas $8
    $7 $6 $5 $4
    $3 Win Pumpkin Match (400 m)
    Ranch Poster
    $55 Effective on visitor facilities $5 $4 $3 $3 $2 $1 Win Pumpkin Match (400 m)
    Newspaper $71 Effective on rest areas and Gift Shop $7 $6 $5 $4 $3 $2 Part-Timer reaches 90 Value
    Mare's Milk $82 Effective on Ice Cream and Restaurant $11 $10 $8 $7 $5 $4 Shepherd reachs 180 Value
    Horse Photo $96 An ideal souvenir for a horse photo $10 $9 $8 $6 $5
    Horse Owner reaches 90 Value
    Music Box $98 Effective on Memorial Hall and D. Car Cafe $12 $11 $9 $8 $6
    Musician reaches 90 Value
    Brush Set $105 Effective on horses and courses $12 $11
    Mane Stylist reaches 90 Value
    Stopwatch $120 Effective on courses $15 $13 $11 $9 $7 $5 Reach Y2 M2
    Trumpet $126 Effective on courses and Gift Shop
    $17 $15 $13

    Street Fighter reaches 90 Value
    Camera $140 Effective on courses and Memorial Hall $19 $17 $14 $12 $9
    Businessman reaches 90 Value
    AC Unit $165 Effective on indoor facilities

    Investor reaches 90 Value
    Land Deed $1,000 Expands ranch area by 2 rows or 2 columns $1,000 $1,500 $1,500 $2,500

    Win Pumpkin Match (800 m)
    Memorial Panel $750 Unlocks Mem. Panel

    Win Pumpkin Match (800 m)
    Gift Shop $1,000 Unlocks Gift Shop

    Reach Y2 M6
    Ability Set
    $750 Unlocks ability to learn and upgrade Stamina, Dexterity and Intensity Skills

    Win Pumpkin Match (400 m)
    Bearington Contract $1,200 Unlocks Speedster. Ninja, Toughness, and Origami Training

    Breed your first colt
    Tulips $140 Unlocks Tulips $16

    Reach Y1 M12
    Lavender $180 Unlocks Lavender $22

    Farmer reaches 90 Value
    Marguerite $220 Unlocks Marguerite $25

    Bookie reaches 90 Value
    Cosmos $240 Unlocks Cosmos $28

    Garden Expert reaches 180 Value
    Coconut Tree $210 Unlocks Coconut Tree $22

    Reach Y2 M3
    White Birch $300 Unlocks White Birch $37

    Broker reaches 180 Value
    Send-Off Bag

    Carry over 4 items to a new game

    Win Chimpan Cup Race

    Item Compatibility - Training Facilities

    Note that as you continue to use the same item on a facility, its overall effectiveness will drop until it does nothing.

    Item Name Grass Course Dirt Course Sloping Course Pool Slalom Walking Course
    Pasture Spa
    Speed Feed
    ʘ O O O O O O O
    Quality Seed ʘ ʘ ʘ ʘ ʘ ʘ ʘ ʘ
    Value Seed O O O O O O O O
    Nutrient Drink O O O O O O O O
    First-Aid Kit O O O O O O O O
    Natural Spring O O O O O O O O
    Ranch Poster O O O O O O O O
    Newspaper O O O O O O O O
    Mare's Milk X X X O X X O O
    Horse Photo O O O O O O O O
    Music Box O O O O O O O O
    Brush Set O O O O O O O O
    Stopwatch ʘ O O O O O X X
    Trumpet O O O O O O O O
    O O O O O O O O
    AC Unit O O O O O O O O

    In addition to the above compatibilities, the following items will offer a bonus to the Appeal of the Training Facility:

    Item Name Facility Name Appeal Bonus
    Speed Feed
    Grass Course +10
    Nutrient Drink Pasture +5
    Nutrient Drink Spa +2
    First-Aid Kit Pasture +2
    Natural Spring Grass Course +5
    Natural Spring Dirt Course +2
    Natural Spring Pool +5
    Natural Spring Walking Course +2
    Natural Spring Pasture +4
    Natural Spring Spa +5
    Ranch Poster Pool +2
    Ranch Poster Spa +4
    Mare's Milk Pool +1
    Music Box Walking Course +3
    Music Box Pasture +2
    Brush Set Dirt Course +5
    Brush Set Sloping Course +5
    Brush Set Slalom +5
    Brush Set Walking Course +4
    Stopwatch Grass Course +8
    Stopwatch Dirt Course +3
    Stopwatch Pool +3
    Trumpet Grass Course +3
    Trumpet Sloping Course +3
    Camera Grass Course +5
    Camera Sloping Course +2
    Camera Walking Course +3
    Camera Pasture +2
    AC Unit Spa +3

    Item Compatibility - Shops

    Note that as you continue to use the same item on a shop, its overall effectiveness will drop until it does nothing.

    Item Name Mem. Panel
    Rest Area
    Memorial Hall Obsrvtn Dck Museum Ice Cream D. Car Cafe Restaurant Gift Shop Sportsbook Kairodome
    Speed Feed
    O O ʘ O ʘ O O O ʘ ʘ O
    Quality Seed ʘ O ʘ ʘ ʘ O ʘ ʘ O O ʘ
    Value Seed O O ʘ ʘ ʘ O O ʘ ʘ ʘ ʘ
    Nutrient Drink O O O O O O O O O O O
    First-Aid Kit O O O O O O O O O O O
    Natural Spring O ʘ O O ʘ ʘ ʘ ʘ ʘ ʘ ʘ
    Ranch Poster O ʘ O O ʘ ʘ ʘ ʘ ʘ ʘ ʘ
    Newspaper ʘ O O O ʘ ʘ ʘ ʘ ʘ ʘ O
    Mare's Milk O O O O O ʘ O O O ʘ ʘ
    Horse Photo O O ʘ O ʘ O O O O O ʘ
    Music Box O O O O O O O O O ʘ O
    Brush Set O O O O O O O O O O ʘ
    Stopwatch O O O O ʘ ʘ ʘ ʘ ʘ ʘ O
    Trumpet O O O ʘ O O O O O O O
    Camera ʘ O O ʘ O O O O O O ʘ
    AC Unit O O O O O O O O O ʘ ʘ

    In addition to the above compatibilities, the following items will offer a bonus to the Appeal of the Shop:

    Item Name Shop Name Appeal Bonus
    Speed Feed
    Memorial Hall +2
    Speed Feed Museum +3
    Natural Spring Rest Area
    Natural Spring D. Car Cafe +5
    Ranch Poster Memorial Hall +3
    Ranch Poster Museum +3
    Ranch Poster Restaurant +3
    Ranch Poster Gift Shop +2
    Newspaper Rest Area
    Newspaper D. Car Cafe +5
    Newspaper Gift Shop +5
    Newspaper Sportsbook +10
    Mare's Milk Ice Cream +10
    Mare's Milk Restaurant +5
    Mare's Milk Sportsbook +5
    Mare's Milk Kairodome +5
    Horse Photo Mem. Panel
    Horse Photo Memorial Hall +5
    Horse Photo Museum +5
    Horse Photo Gift Shop +5
    Music Box Rest Area +3
    Music Box Memorial Hall +3
    Music Box Museum +3
    Music Box D. Car Cafe +6
    Brush Set Kairodome +5
    Trumpet Obsrvtn Dck +10
    Trumpet Gift Shop +5
    Camera Mem. Panel +5
    Camera Obsrvtn Dck +5
    Camera Gift Shop +2
    AC Unit Rest Area +3
    AC Unit Memorial Hall +2
    AC Unit Museum +2
    AC Unit Ice Cream +3
    AC Unit Kairodome +3

    Item Compatibility - Horses

    Note that as you continue to use the same item on a horse, its overall effectiveness will drop until it does nothing.

    Item Name Stamina Speed Dexterity Intensity Temper [G] Gate  [SG] Smarts [I] Strength [V] Grass Affinity Dirt Affinity Fatigue
    Speed Feed

    Quality Seed

    Value Seed

    Nutrient Drink

    First-Aid Kit

    Natural Spring

    Ranch Poster



    Mare's Milk

    Horse Photo

    Music Box

    Brush Set







    AC Unit

  • Visitors

    Visitors are represented by red Fame bars. When you perform well in races, they will gain Fame, which will influence them to visit your ranch. The better you rank in a race, the more Fame they will gain. It normally takes between 5 - 6 1st place finishes for a visitor that is watching the race to gain 100% Fame. It is well worth raising the Fame of all your visitor to 100%, as this will influence more of them to visit your ranch, which makes it a lot easier to unlock their Value rewards.

    Note: The Value bar only increases as visitors use facilities which will boost their ratings such as a Gift Shop or D. Car Cafe.

    Name Difficulty 90 Value Reward 180 Value Reward 300 Value Reward Races Watched
    Student AB: Speed
    Nutrient Drink
    Pedigree Paper Novice Race & Maiden Race
    Part-Timer Newspaper
    AB: Temper
    Pedigree Paper 5 Mil. Qualifier & Mn. Racehorse
    Office Clerk AB: Dirt
    AB: Grass
    Pedigree Paper Mn. Racehorse
    Shepherd ★★ AB: Starter Mare's Milk
    Pedigree Paper 10 Mil. Qualifier & Diamond Stakes
    Farmer ★★ Lavender
    Drill: Shape-Up Pedigree Paper Diamond Stakes
    Garden Expert ★★ First-Aid Kit
    Pedigree Paper 16 Mil. Qualifier & MegaComm Ultra
    Businessman ★★★ Camera
    Drill: Whip
    Pedigree Paper MegaComm Ultra
    Musician ★★★ Music Box
    Drill: Balance Ball
    Pedigree Paper Sp. Novice Race & 10 Mil. Special
    Poet ★★★ AB: Intns. II
    AB: Behind
    Pedigree Paper Skylark Zoo Cup
    Bookie ★★★ Marguerite
    Drill: Empathy Pedigree Paper Plum Stakes & Colt Records Cup
    Mane Stylist ★★★★ Brush Set
    AB: Speed II
    Pedigree Paper Colt Records Cup
    Broker ★★★★ Stamina II Skill White Birch
    Pedigree Paper Bamboo Cup & Princess Cup
    Street Fighter ★★★★ Trumpet
    AB: Dirt II
    Drill: W.M. Whip
    Princess Cup
    Horse Owner ★★★★ Horse Photo AB: Starter II
    Drill: Horse-ese
    Pines Memorial & Cheerful Cup
    Fashionista ★★★★★ AB: Grass II
    Drill: Mk. Crouch
    Pedigree Paper Cheerful Cup
    Investor ★★★★★ AC Unit
    Drill: Hang On
    Pedigree Paper Grand Cup
    Gentleman ★★★★★ AB: Strength II
    AB: Behind II
    Pedigree Paper Triomphe Stakes & Grand Cup
    Oil Magnate ★★★★★ 100 Medals AB: Temper II
    Pedigree Paper Ackbar Cup & Triomphe Stakes


    Evaluators are represented by orange Fame bars. They act in a similar fashion to visitors, in that they will gain satisfaction from watching you perform well in races. However, they will not visit your ranch under any circumstances. Instead, evaluators will unlock new races when you fill their Fame gauges. Normally it will take 2 - 3 1st place finishes to completely satisfy an evaluator, however the races that are unlocked are well worth the effort to satisfy them.

    Name Fame Requirement Fame Reward Races Watched
    Sir Pumpkin
    10 Pumpkin Match (400 m)
    Novice, Maiden Race & 5 mil Qualifier
    Monthly 30 Mn. Racehorse
    5 Mil. Qualifier
    Assoc. Pres. 100 Race 2 Horses Simultaneously 5 Mil. Qualifier, 10 Mil. Qualifier & 16 Mil. Qualifier
    Diamond 30 Diamond Stakes race 10 Mil. Qualifier
    Mega-Comm 30 MegaComm Ultra race 16 Mil. Qualifier
    Skylark 30 Skylark Zoo Cup race Sp. Novice Race
    Colt 30 Colt Records Cup race Plum Stakes
    Pony Comm. 30 Princess Cup race Bamboo Cup
    30 Cheerful Cup race Pines Memorial
    Kairobot 5 Kairo Memorial race Chimpan Cup
  • Environment

    The Environmental menu holds a few key buildings that are essential to the success of your ranch, but largely holds deocrations that can be placed to improve the Appeal of your other buildings. Placing decorations wisely can significantly boost the Quality of your buildings, so do not overlook this menu.

    Name Building Cost Maintenance Cost Size Effect Unlock Condition
    Dirt Path

    Allows people and horses to move around your ranch Initially Available
    Lodging $50
    1 x 1 Allows jockeys to live on your ranch Initially Available
    Rearrange $50

    Allows you to re-arrange buildings on your ranch Win MegaComm Ultra race
    Stable $100 $15 2 x 2 Allows 2 horses to sleep in your ranch One is initially available. Additional Stables are unlocked by winning the 5 Mil. Qualifier, 16 Mil. Qualifier, Bamboo Cup & Cheerful Cup races
    Field Mustard
    1 x 1 Boosts Appeal of surrounding buildings by 1 Initially Available
    Tulips $75
    1 x 1 Boosts Appeal of surrounding buildings by 2 Buy from Sir Pumpkin in Y2 M12
    Lavender $105
    1 x 1 Boosts Appeal of surrounding buildings by 3 Farmer reaches 90 Value
    Marguerite $140
    1 x 1 Boosts Appeal of surrounding buildings by 4 Bookie reaches 90 Value
    Cosmos $170

    1 x 1 Boosts Appeal of surrounding buildings by 5 Garden Expert reaches 180 Value
    Zelkova Tree
    1 x 1 Boosts Appeal of surrounding buildings by 2 Initially Available
    Coconut Tree $215
    1 x 1 Boosts Appeal of surrounding buildings by 4 Buy from Sir Pumpkin in Y2 M3
    White Birch $300
    1 x 1 Boosts Appeal of surrounding buildings by 6 Broker reaches 180 Value
    Statue $500
    1 x 1 Boosts Appeal of surrounding buildings by 10 Win the Grand Cup, Triomphe Stakes, Ackbar Cup, Chimpan Cup & Kairo Memorial races

    Training Facilities

    The Facilities menu holds all of the buildings that your horses will use to build their stats. The training facilities take up the most space in your ranch, but are essential to raising your horses.

    Note that the Quality stat seems to have no effect on the stat gains that a horse will get from using the building. Instead, the Appeal and Quality stats seem to effect how often visitors will take photos of the hoses that are training, and the amount of money that you will earn from the photos.

    Name Building Cost Maintenance Cost Size Stamina Speed Dexterity Intensity Fatigue Condition Injury Base Appeal Base Quality Unlock Condition
    Grass Course $750 $25 4 x 2

    5 15 Win 10 Mil. Special race
    Dirt Course $750 $17 2 x 4 +++

    4 12 Win 10 Mil. Qualifier
    Sloping Course $750 $15 3 x 1


    3 8 Win 16 Mil. Qualifier
    Pool $500 $15 1 x 3 ++


    10 15 Initially Available
    Slalom $500 $10 3 x 1


    15 20 Win Sp. Novice Race
    Walking Course
    $400 $5 2 x 2
    ++ +

    15 20 Initially Available
    $500 $7 2 x 2

    --- +++
    9 15 Initially Available
    Spa $750 $15 2 x 2

    --- 12 20 Win MegaComm Ultra race


    Shops provide a small boost to income every month, but the amount of money made pales in comparison to the prize money made from races. Shops are primarily used to increase the Value of your visitors and to generate Medals. Each shop will either boost the valuation of visitors that come to the ranch, or generate Medals; no shop will do both. Take this into account when planning your ranch, as you strike a good balance between the two types of shops to ensure that you are satisfying enough visitors whilst still generating Medals at a steady rate.

    Name Building Cost Maintenance Cost Size Effect Base Price Base Appeal Quality Unlock Condition
    Mem. Panel
    $750 $3
    1 x 1 Generates Medals $4
    9 14 Buy from Sir Pumpkin after winning the Pumpkin Match (400 m) race
    Rest Area $300 $5 1 x 1 Generates Medals $5 4 7 Win Cornmeal Anniv.
    Memorial Hall $300
    1 x 1 Generates Medals $10 8 16 Win Skylark Zoo Cup race
    Obsrvtn Dck $300
    1 x 1 Generates Medals $8 20 19 Win Pines Memorial race
    Museum $300 $15 2 x 1 Generates Medals $15 18 28 Win Bamboo Cup race
    Ice Cream $300
    $5 1 x 1 Raises visitor Value $7 14 12 Initially Available
    D. Car Cafe $300 $7 1 x 1 Raises visitor Value $9 2 16 Win Diamond Stakes race
    Restaurant $300 $9 1 x 1 Raises visitor Value $12 10 20 Win Plum Stakes race
    Gift Shop $300
    $5 1 x 1 Raises visitor Value $20 10 12 Buy from Sir Pumpkin in Y2 M6
    Sportsbook $300
    $7 1 x 1 Raises visitor Value $26 9 3 Win Colt Records Cup race
    Kairodome $500 $20 2 x 2 Raises visitor Value $18 24 28 Win Kairo Memorial Cup
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