Runes of Magic

Use this link to find information on registering a Runes of Magic account, downloading the latest client, or how to buy and redeem Diamonds.

[Advanced] Template

  • Downloading Runes of Magic

    To download the latest client please refer to the following thread: Runes of Magic Latest Download.

    You will always find the latest client download, patch file, or optional torrent download there. If you use the torrent download, please continue to seed the torrent for other users.

    Registration & Managing Your Account

    To register an account for Runes of Magic click the button below to go to our multi-account registration system. Once on that page you will need to enter the username and password you wish to use for Runes of Magic and then you are finished.

    Currently you can create a maximum of 5 accounts, though that is subject to change in the future.

    When logging into the client, please note that you will be using the username you've entered here, and not an email address.

    Associating an Existing Account

    To associate an existing account click the button below and click the Add Existing Account tab to fill in your existing username and password. After hitting submit your existing account should show up in your account list below the registration form.

    Managing Your Account

    To manage your account you will need to go to the registration page where you will have an option to click Change Password or Reset Secondary Password.

    When you reset your secondary password you will be sent an email with a link to confirm your secondary password reset. You will be able to set a new secondary password within Runes of Magic.

    Runes of Magic Registration

  • Purchasing Platinum & Redeeming Diamonds

    Step 1: Purchasing Platinum

    The first step to purchasing Diamonds is to purchase a Platinum package from the button below.

    Purchase Platinum

    Step 2: Purchasing Diamond Packages

    After purchasing Platinum you will want to purchase a Diamond Package from the following button. When purchasing Diamonds you can use Quick Checkout, Checkout or Purchase and Continue Shopping.

    Quick Checkout will purchase the Diamond package redirect you to the purchases page and automatically activate the redemption dialog.

    Checkout will purchase the Diamond package and redirect you to the purchases page where you can decide to gift the package or use it yourself by activating the redemption dialog.

    Purchase and Continue Shopping will purchase the Diamond package while leaving you on the product listing, so that you can purchase multiple products before heading to redeem them.

    Purchase Diamonds

    Step 3: Redeeming Diamond Package

    After purchasing a Diamond package if you have not chosen the Quick Checkout or Checkout options you will need to use the button below to head to the purchase page where you will manually be able to redeem your Diamonds. You can do so by clicking the Use button and selecting the account you wish to redeem to.

    To redeem any purchases you must have an account associated with your forum account with a minimum of 15 minutes playtime.

    Platinum does not all need to be spent on a single purchase. Aside from purchasing currency packages you can also gift or transfer Platinum to other members.

    For every Diamond purchase and redeemed, you will earn 1 VIP point in Runes of Magic.

    Store Purchases

  • Earning Credits & Redeeming Diamonds

    Step 1: Earning Credits

    Because not everyone has a Paypal or can afford to spend money on in-game currency, we offer a free alternative to Platinum called credits which can be earned by interacting with the community through the actions below:

    • Registration: 500 Credits
    • Daily Login: 25 Credits
    • New Thread: 50 Credits
    • New Thread (Guide / Tip): 100 Credits
    • New Post: 25 Credits
    • New Post (100+ Characters): 50 Credits
    • Vote on Poll: 10 Credits
    • Post Media: 25 Credits
    • Thread Deleted: -100 Credits
    • Post Deleted: -50 Credits

    Step 2. Purchasing and Redeeming Credits

    The process to purchase or redeem Diamonds is the same as above in the Platinum guide with the exception of Credits not earning you VIP points in game. To purchase credit packages use the button below.

    Like Platinum, Credit does not need to spent all at once on a single purchase. Also like Platinum you can gift or transfer Credits to other members.

    Abuse of the Credit system can lead to restricted access on the forum (inability to earn or use credits, loss of forum functionality or other similar restrictions) or potentially being temporarily or permanently banned from the network.

    Credit Packages