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    Forsaken Abbey

    Level requirement: 23+ for healers - 26+ for tanks
    Bosses: 5


    To spawn the first boss, you have to kill all the necro mages. First boss is easy, tank and spank. Strong attacks, but not much to worry about. As soon you killed him, the door behind him opens and you can pass to the next bosses.

    Flowing Chaos:
    This boss has AoE, gives a nasty debuff and fears. He only fears tank and not the whole group. The debuff does XX damage per 2 seconds and causes a slowdown effect. The AoE has light damage to.

    1 of the players will receive a keyfragment, keep it, don't throw it away.

    Cruel Eater:
    It's the best to tank these bosses in the big room, so it's smart to clear that room properly. This boss is once again, tank and spank. Stuns now and then and has a special attack which is a triple attack.

    Once again, you'll get a keyfragment.

    Hollow Shell:
    Hollow Shell, once again, tank it in the big room is the easiest. This boss has AoE, not alot of AoE, but good enough to let the other DPS stand back a bit. This boss spawns an add at the healer every 10%. Make sure you have someone ready to intercept those adds.

    Once again, you'll get a keyfragment.

    Stick the keyfragments in the door for the last boss.

    Demon Witch Ancalon:
    Clear the room to start with, then let the tank attack. It spawns 4 adds right away. 2 Zombies, 2 mages. The zombies have to be killed though. At 50% it does the same, and at 25% as well. The zombies attack partymembers, but the necromages heal Ancalon before attacking the party. These heals can be avoided if you kill the necromages which she spawns fast enough. If you don't do it fast enough, she'll heal. Also it heals at 50% and 25% for like 25%. It has AoE.

    Necropolis of Mirrors

    Level Requirement: Healers 35+ - Tanks 39+
    Bosses: 6


    Magister Gumas:
    Easy boss, tank and spank. Nothing really special. 1st boss Necropolis of mirrors you need to keep 1 interrupt stun so his holy aura (less hit rate) won't be casted. You could also do this for his aoe attacks.

    Androlier's Shadow:
    It's pretty much an easy boss, but at some point she copies herself a couple of times. Kill the adds and most of all, keep them off the healers. He also uses the special ability Mirror Shell. It can also cast the spell mentioned under 2) of Andolier's Prisoner, but less regularly than the Prisoner does.

    Androlier's Strength:
    High damage, and fears now and then. Need a good tank for this and good healers. He also uses the special ability Mirror Shell. Summons 'weak' adds.

    Androlier's Prisoner:
    1) Androlier's Prisoner has an AoE fear with a range of about 200-250.

    2) He has a spell that he cast (with-in 10 seconds I think) on the person with the most aggro called Renaissance or something like that. This spell puts a debuff on the person with the most aggro that gives them an AoE (about 100-150 range) that hurts the other people in the party only! A level 50 K/W had it and was hitting me (4.5K PDef) for 1k every 5 seconds even when he was feared! The spell wears off about 20 seconds AFTER you kill Androlier's Prisoner.
    {Credits to Toimu for new info on boss}

    3) To avoid it's special Ability, Impact of Resonance, the skill is based on Physical Damage, if you have an experienced higher level/geared mage/priest he/she could tank it (For experienced group)!

    Krodamar & Krodamon:
    You can pull them 1 by 1, just look at their walking pattern. Kill the speedy's around you to get a safe spot, and tank it there. Both of these bosses have quite high damage and spawn speedies (every 25%). Let some AoE'er take care of those adds. Also it has high AoE, so it's def adviced for other close DPS'ers to stand back when it AoE's. Both bosses are about the same. 1 has a Berserk which deals high damage. The other one has a shield which makes you unable to attack him for a while.

    They both provide a keypart, use both keyparts and you can open the chest in the middle for loot.

    Mystic Altar

    Level Requirement: Healers 45+ - Tanks 46+
    Bosses: 6


    First, go into the room on your left handside and ''turn'' the statue by clicking on it. Then walk back and go down. Head right and go up. Clear mobs, and clear the room. Walk to the end of the room and click on the waterbucket. It will now spawn around 10 ice witches. This is the first boss. Kill the ice witches and some of them drop some loot. They have high magical attack. Let everyone in your party take the water, so you can skip this part the next time.

    Go back to the middle, and take the entrance right of the water entrance. Once again clear rooms, and walk to the end. Let someone with the water hit the Brazier. It'll now spawn 0-9 mobs. Kill them and you have a possible chance on loot. They have quite low damage and die easy so nothing to worry about.

    Go back to the statue, you'll now see an opened hallway without fire. Go trough. You can do 2 things now. Clear the room, or hug left wall and walk behind Razeela (This is adviced). Kill the mobs behind her and then go for the boss. It ''drains'' life from you, but it's not like it goes down 2000 HP per second. Easy healable. It also has AoE. At around 0-10% it says ''Sing of Life Glories'' Silence her and kill her as soon as possible then or she heals back to 40%.

    Aukuda the Cursed:
    Allright, head left and go trough the hallway. Clear rooms. If anyone has the quest of Aukuda, then he's there, if not kill Dorlos 1st and then come back and he's there.
    Aukuda is probably the nastiest boss of Mystic Altar. It has high damage, it random charges people, it can fear and stun. Charges can be interrupted if your tank is fast enough to charge him before he charges someone else. When he charged someone. He'll do some AoE skill so run away if he charges. You need a good tank and healer for this because he has high damage.

    Head down the hallway clear room or walk trough. Go down and you'll see adds coming up. They'll stand in formation. Just kill them 1 by 1. Kill them all except the last one. The last one will aggro the boss as well.So re-gain mana and HP after you killed all the adds and then kill the last add. As soon you killed the add, go for boss. This boss AoE's (Nasty AoE) and spawns around 8 adds. Leave 1 add alive or he spawns them again (So healer have to tank 1 add). At 50% he teleports you all the time. Closer to him. So take distance fast again because he might AoE. After that he starts using fear. So you need a good healer and a good tank, bu he's doable.

    Cursed Iron-Golem:
    Last boss, head back to where you killed Razeela and go left, hug wall, make sure you don't pull anything because they are chained. Which means you'll pull the whole room.

    Take the entrance on your left handside and kill all rooms till you see small beetles and 2 big dogs. Carefully pull them because there's a boss behind them. After you killed those go for boss. It has a strong damage and most of all, he has a very nasty AoE Knockdown effect. It not just knock you down but it does quite amount of damage as well. So suggested is, range only except for the tank. For the rest, tank and spank.

    If you want quick runs, then skip the last step (Skip the last boss).

    Cyclops Lair

    Level Requirement: 50+
    Bosses: 4


    High damage and stuns tank. As soon the tank is stunned, he goes to the next person who is second in aggroline. Let that person kite it for 6 seconds and then bring it back to the tank. If the tank is stunned, then don't let a 2nd tank tank it near him. Because his AoE hits ALOT if you're stunned.

    For the rest, 1 more very important thing for this boss. Whatever you do, don't use stun or slowdown effects at this boss. If you do, then he goes frenzy, frenzy means ALOT higher damage and a new group wont be able to take his damage.

    Zurhidon Negotiator:
    Kill the 4 adds in this room at 1 place. As soon you killed all 4, the boss itself will appear and ''revive'' these adds. '

    Mage - Lightning
    Knight - Charge, Shock, Chains of Light
    Rogue - Numbing Dagger, Shadow Prison
    Warrior - Surprise Attack
    Priest - Ice Fog, Freeze
    Scout - Neck Strike, Lasso, Joint Blow
    Warden ?
    Druid ?

    . This will give them a ''Knockdown'' effect to prevent them from using Death Shackle (25% damage per mob). Also, root/charge/lass can knock these mobs down. Mage has to keep the Thunderstorm up. The rest DPS the boss like crazy. You think you wont hit it at all, but it heals itself with the live of the adds. If all 4 adds die, then the battle is over. You can then go the the slaves and ask how to open the chest. Then open the chest and get your loot.

    Ordig, Masso and Gorn:

    For a team who does this the first time the killorder would be Gorn, Masso and then Ordig. Gorn is a healer, so kill him as soon as possible. Masso has random aggro, so kill him after fast. Ordig has a massive slowdown effect and makes the tanker smaller. Every boss had different loot, so make sure to decide which you kill last. (The purple loot is the same for every boss).

    Kill the Generals to activate the boss, the first time it goes easy. So spare your cooldowns. After he dies, he uses an orb and comes back to live. Then he becomes harder. It random charges people and it spawns red orbs. 3 at a time (He gives a signal, by saying something. ''Come out servants, help me''). AVOID these red orbs. They have a quite large amount of damage, so walk away from then. For the rest he has quite high damage, but doable.

    Kalin Shrine

    Level Requirements: 50+
    Bosses: 6


    Iron Rune Warrior:
    This boss has massive damage, so you really need a good tank. But, the most important tactic here is that everyone except the tank should be behind the runewalker INSIDE meleerange. It has a ''power build-up'' if you're not in melee range, then you'll take this hit and this is for most of the people a guaranteed 1-hit. If you are inside melee range, CLOSER to the boss then the tank is, then he'll take this hit (This hit is quite high, even for tank, so get heals ready). Sometimes boss random turns around and attacks someone else. Tank just have to use 1 aggro skill and it's back on you. It also stuns the tank sometimes, and it has a very easy AoE.

    This is one of the nastiest bosses. Tank it in the middle. It has quite low damage (Sometimes a 3k AoE). It random freezes someone at first. When it freezes someone, hammers will appear randomly in the room, find the hammer. And use the hammer on the frozen one by clicking on the hammer while near him. Then he freezes 5 people. The 1 person who is not frozen, should go grab a hammer and unfreeze one. Then they should both grab hammers and unfreeze people and so on till you unfroze all people. If you don't do this on time, the frozen people will receive a 122k hit. You have about 25 seconds to unfreeze all 5 players. It does this freeze trick till he dies.

    Quite easy boss, just need high DPS. (To reach this boss, jump in water, then go to the bridge). As soon you walk on the bridge it spawns. Mages have to thunderstorm any adds he spawns because if they come close to the boss they increase the strength of the boss (At the strength 14 I thought it hits around 4k on tank). Just DPS it asap and let mages TS adds asap. Quite an easy boss if you have the DPS.

    Goddess of Art's Disciple:
    The hardest boss in KS probably. You can see alot of barrels around him. The tank should tank him from barrel to barrel. As soon this boss goes ''Frenzy'' someone has to smash this barrel down really fast. It'll then bring the boss back to normal and the tank should go to the next barrel. If you dont get him out of frenzy it 1-hit everyone :cool:. It also has a HP based AoE. So group heal is needed (1 priest group heals, 1 single heals tank). He does this stuff till he dies.

    Kill this boss as soon as possible. It fears sometime, but it builds up a dot on everyone. The higher the number of the dot is the higher damage it does. Therefor it's important to kill it fast.

    Tank and spank till 75%, then he disappears and Runeguardian appears on your left stairs, Ensia appears on your right stairs. Move to left stairs and let tank intercept Rune Guardian, use the same tactic as listed above with Rune Guardian. Let Ensia come. Kill Ensia first (Tank only tanks Rune Guardian), so there's no tank at Ensia. Kill Ensia as soon as you can. Then focus on Rune Guardian. You have about 3 minutes to kill both till Regin comes back. Or else you got 3 bosses to fight :cool:.

    Once you done that it's once again tank and spank till 20%. At 20% it copies himself ALOT and all of these adds AoE, avoid this AoE by running all across the room. Note that the adds spawn right on top of you and stun you, so it may be better to jump around than to run. This since if you get stunned while jumping the jump will still finish, so you may land out of AoE/stun range. The adds will disappear after like 30 seconds. Then finish the boss of and get ur loots.

    You can also walk your party to right side up in the corner. This way you will not have to fight the iron rune boss, but only Ensia.

    Treasure Trove

    Level Requirements: 50+
    Bosses: 5


    In this instance the bosses are not the hardest, the mobs are. Lvl 50-52 elites with extreme high damage. Just make sure the tank always tanks the attackers, they have the highest damage. For the rest, it's up to you to find your way and fight your way to the bosses.

    Octopus Boss Will's Curse:
    At the top of the stairs are 5 different cups. Each cup represents a boss. If the boss has 500k HP it's a fake, if it had 700k HP it's the real boss. The 500k HP bosses are easy. Just kill them, as soon you killed it, the real boss spawns right after.
    This boss has 1 special ability.
    It can make people a skeleton, this increases the damage on you alot. So make sure the mages dispell this fast (Especially if it's the tank).
    For the rest, this boss should be easy.

    Loyal Talomo:
    You can skip this boss.
    This boss has a buff which only makes your dot's do damage. There's a way to avoid this. Let the tank tank the boss from fire to fire. As soon he has the buff, click on the fire and you gain a needle in your backpack. Activate the needle on the boss and it deactivates his buff, which makes you able to attack it with all kind of attacks. If the tank keeps it in the 'circle' another player can do the fires instead, allowing the tank to focus on avoiding his AoE. Do remember to run away as soon he casts Broadside, because that's an extreme high damage attack. These fires will not respawn, so you have to kill it before all fires are down. Or you kite the rest of the fight.

    Boulder Sidaar:
    This boss requires some good timing. Basically, it has ''2ways of fighting''. It has 2 different colors. Orange and Blue. When he's Orange no physical damage should be done to him. If you keep using physical attacks to him you'll get punched back in ur face with 1500 damage per hit you did when he was orange. When it's blue, noone should use magical damage. Same thing, you do it, you receive the hits back in your face. He does this trick till he dies. Next to that, it also has quite high damage. It also has a 80% def decrease buff. It's wise for the tank to run around a bit then to avoid damage, because the damage is incredibly high then. Also, at 40%, 30%, 20%, 10% it random aggro, keep kiting it till the tank got his aggro back.

    Lookout Luke
    This boss can be found at the top of the ship. It's supposed to have a special triple attack. Well erm, it did 1k damage to me. After his debuff goes off, it hits every partymember for around 3.5k. It can have decent damage on the tank, but it should not be too hard.

    Snow Blake:
    This is the final boss, it has a pretty high damage and it's high lvl, so you don't hit to much on her. It has 2 specials.
    It summons the previous bosses which do 1 attack and then disappear again. She does this quite often.
    It also has ''Queen Bomb''. It's an AoE which does 50k damage. It transport you to her, and starts loading the Queen Bomb. You have to run away from her fast (AoE range is quite small). She does this alot. But next to that, she roots people. Priests should use their cleanse to remove the root effects fast, before she starts her Queen Bomb and you die because you can't run away. Quite a pitty boss, but doable if you get the tactic.

    Snowblake can also cast a high damage AoE, when you see this cast, let the tank run away a bit to avoid high damage.