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    Jun 30, 2017
    I would like for our camera viewport to be changed more freely than just up/down cause when riding a couple of dragon models, the fully zoomed in experience will make your viewpoint be between the dragon claws or in it's ass...

    So to my shallow understanding the graphics in this game works like this, if your viewpoint is in the object then the entire object will be hidden for you. This makes first person view (fully zoomed in) less immersive cause most of the skills one uses will be considered 1 object with ones body and thus makes it difficult to know whether a skill animation is finished or not.

    A couple of screenshots of fully zoomed in perspective while riding :)

    The hydra
    The mighty Crowbone :) DragonsProphet_20170806_143110.

    Aqua dragons! DragonsProphet_20170806_143133.

    This is a stalwart dragon DragonsProphet_20170806_143149.