Would you look at that? It's another development update and it didn't take several months to a year to come out... It's almost as if we'd set a foundation down so that we could work on things quicker ;).

This is a smaller development update, mostly to bring a bit more attention to the latest maintenance post where we announce that we have a tenative fix for the Laedis 102 equipment. As some players know, I've been off and on the server for the last few days checking the Laedis 102 quests, and have found what was causing the them to be stuck in preparation. It was something stupid and poorly done by Runewaker, but hey, that's about what we all deal with on a day to day basis isn't it.

If the fix works as it should, players should finally be able to complete any of the Laedis 102 accessory quests, and potentially the weapon quest, though I personally wasn't able to confirm the last one.

There will also be a slice change to the Clues left by Warthorne quest, and that is that we'll be getting rid of the stupid RNG aspect of retrieving the proper quest item. The reason why people thought it was bugged is that there are two items with the same exact name right next to one another, and the script for that quest just throws out a list of items, including the item with the same name which just caused confusion.

In general development news we have completed 11 data sets, which in regards to content and bug fixing are the most important ones. There is still a bit of time before we start releasing new patches as I need to test the data, and get comfortable with doing things. Also most importantly Hater and I need to plot what nefarious things to add for his events, as I know you all love being tortured oh so much.

Here is a list of things that we will be doing in the (hopefully near) future:
  • Custom Titles - rather than taking the stance EU did with using predatory psychological marketing tricks, we will probably just offer this as a service with the new website platform as it will require an approval process. If approved, the item will be created and then added within 1-2 maintenance; there may also be an option for the title to be exclusive, or for whether or not to make it available in game.
  • I will be tediously editing 276+ loot entries so that the Wintertide, Inartia and Alentia sets will be obtainable without 3+ players. Thanks to @Ethric The Mad for finally getting me the list of items, and then bosses needed to actually look into this.
  • Missing Brastens will be added to the Battleground Merchant, and the need for tokens will be removed. We will be increasing the price for Brasten (1500 for regular, 2500 for unhatched) though this is primarily to encourage more players in battlegrounds. Ansu, Ouram, Purintor and Raybin will still be Marketplace exclusives.
  • Gold Unbinder that will unbind anything up to a Laedis item and anything below level 200. I will also likely add 108 unbinders, though this will likely be exclusive to events and probably used sparingly.
  • It's been asked for a while to make it so that multiple powders can be used at a single time, however that is something that cannot be easily done so I will instead be making powders with increased effects. The existing 10% powders will probably be added as a rare reward for dancing or in other ways as I still disagree with encouraging the egg system :).
  • A Lair Manager Flute! Why? Because I too once dealt with having 100+ eggs and I too suffered through replacing them. That or so they can make room if they have a full stable and run across a wild dragon.
This is just a small list of things that are currently planned, or have looked into. New Dragons are also planned, though that requires a bit more testing or work before we can begin to put those into action.