This is a small update, so people have an idea of what is currently going on with development.

Our current priority is fixing bug reports from beta testing. So far, we have fixed a few critical bugs, and are currently looking at fixing a few others before we can move forward into finalizing testing for the source update. A lot of the bugs are related to data conflicts, as the source code is not quite up to date with the client, so we are having to make the necessary changes to support newer data, and to also make sure everything is implemented as intended. We are also making some improvements and changes as they come up if needed, but the initial source release will mostly be for functional parity, and quality of life improvements.

We are also looking at how we will re-implement the Logistic Merchants for Territory War; the current system has a lot of points of failure for how it is implemented, and it'll be easier to just change how it is handled completely rather than fixing the existing system. Now, how we do that exactly has not been completely decided. This will be our focus after the critical issues with source are completed.

The last development priority for us is finishing up plans for implementing a new spawning system for Dragons. This has been something that we had planned before Savage Hunt was leaked but it is going to be a separate system from the roaming Dragons, Dungeon spawns or Dragons spawned from public events, so it required more planning. The general idea is that we will randomly spawn Dragons throughout major zone maps throughout the day, and they will be randomly selected from the majority of Marketplace Dragons; we are also planning on releasing a lot of Dragons that could previously not be captured, or new Dragons from contests or submitted concept art. In total I think there will be a total of at least 20+ Dragons as of this moment, but that will change between now and the release of this update. We currently do not know if we will need source code for the full implementation, so this may or may not come out before or after the source code update is completed.

Other than development there are a few other things that are either underway or going to be underway soon.

The first of which is that I have setup a wiki that we had previously used but found it did not fully fit our needs at the time. It has gotten much better since the last time we looked at it, and so far, it should make setting up an Adept specific wiki much easier. If you are interested in helping with the wiki, you can apply to be an editor or contributor. I am going to see about getting support added for our credit system, though this will likely be in the future.

Secondly, we have decided on a course to take for our translation platform troubles. The issues we have had so far are the platforms available either too expensive (you can read a breakdown here: Bug Report - Names of exclusive dragons), do not support automated updating of strings, or simply cannot handle the number of strings that Dragon's Prophet currently has (~277,000, with almost 3million words). Because of this we are going to use some of the work we put towards our data tools web app version and look at making a translation platform specifically for Dragon's Prophet. This will pull some development time away from other things, but non-English speaking players being without strings has been bothering me for a while.

There will likely be some more announcements soon, at the very least there are a few more Dragons we will be announcing, and likely another development update or update related to one of the other points above.