It has been quite some time since I last made an announcement regarding the development of the Dragon’s Prophet server, but I finally have some solid information to share regarding progress, even if it is a bit away from a full update.

Over the last year we have been at work researching, reversing and rebuilding the data tool for Dragon’s Prophet, which is required to properly modify or add new content to the game. This has been a long arduous process because the data structures of each data set are not consistent, meaning that each data set must be re-written and optimized for our new tool. This is made more difficult with the fact that there are 42 data sets, and each data set can range from ~100 to ~600+ different components, with the largest being NPC/Dragons (Dragons is an extension of NPC).

The tool itself is a work in progress and each set of data requires us to build the UI and test the exported data repeatedly until we are sure that the data will not cause issues. We have thus far completed Zones, the majority of Dragons (and as such NPC, though there is still more to do) and potentially are nearly complete with Quests (some minor issues). We will then be moving on to Armor, Weapons, Items and each of the data sets is complete and tested.

Currently there isn’t much that can be shown as it is being done client side with a special test client, but as we get further along, I will post another update and preview a few of the things we’re working on.