As has been previewed in the past without the fixed emissive maps, here is the finished and final version of Galactic Storm, the first custom dragon that will be released for our server.

This dragon has been handpainted by @Aiden and took quite a long period of time to create due to all the detail work on the wings, the base texture and coloring, and especially on the chest to balance out the rest of the design.

Galactic Storm will launch on the Marketplace September 2nd until September 8th at Midnight.

We will be doing a different scheduling for our own custom Dragons, where they will only be available for a week at a time once a month.

What is coming next?

While Galactic Storm is just a recolor, we are using recolors as an important foundation step to overhauling the textures on Dragons. Currently these are the plans we have for doing recolors, retextures, and eventually our own custom models:
  1. Choose a Dragon model, and create a base texture, with separated paint layers.
  2. Recolor dragon, and work out a workflow, and figure out what elements are most important to that specific model (Runewake is the wings, the spikes on the head, the chest, and then the tailfins and spikes on the tail for example).
  3. Rework the base texture, swapping out scale pattern and details as needed, and use that to update the base of recolored dragons.
  4. Recolor existing dragons based on the new texture, releasing to update existing model colorations as needed.
The above steps will allow us to setup a foundation for creating textures for our own models when we get to that step.

Currently we are going to aim to have a new dragon done every 2 months, but that is dependent on the time that @Aiden has.

As far as prioritizing models, @Aiden will have a poll to decide on her Patreon soon to decide which model she will do next (AdeptGamer_Aiden is creating game assets | Patreon). She will also be previewing some teaser's of what she is working on, and also doing a pre-announcement before models are officially announced here (usually 1-2 weeks before we announce on our site).