Here is the newest Dragon that will be coming to Dragon's Prophet: Samael, the Hellforged. This was originally meant to be a Halloween themed Dragon based off of Eseriel Frostshadow... But like always Aiden got a bit carried away.

Samael will have separate title for male and female characters like other new Dragons we've been doing lately, with the titles being "Hellforged Incubus" and "Hellforged Succubus". It fit the theme and the Dragon, so we're sort of re-using a modified title from Demondream and Frightmare, but you know... on a good looking Dragon.

This Dragon will scale the same way as a normal Duskreaver, and will come with the Adept Dragon Tamer skill.

This is being previewed earlier than normal because I promised to do so if someone found the harder to find James Brown, but normally you will have to subscribe to Aidens Patreon for earlier previews. You can find her Patreon here: https://www.patreon.com/user/posts?u=20328797







Oh, there are also potentially new wings coming. I need to figure out how to implement them the same way as Wings of Revenge, and see if they work properly for male and female characters (they are based off of male wings, so may have a different mount point).