Happy new years, and here is to hoping that 2022 isn't as plagued with delays and problems as 2021 was.

After a brief break for the Holidays, Dragon and I will be tackling the current issues preventing the source update, and hopefully will be opening up the beta to all players so we have a range of feedback for the new client performance, and more people to test for any major issues. Sadly, until any discrepancies with the current server and the source server are fixed, we will not be pushing forward with the update as it could potentially break characters or some equipment.

We will be looking at releasing a lot of the announced and some unannounced Dragons soon, most of which will be free. Some of these are planned for release when we start adding in the new spawn system, and some are going to be implemented as rewards. We are also planning to look at completely re-doing the fat model for Fabled ancients as it is currently just not working with the upgraded textures.

There are also a lot of changes that are currently planned for the forum, mainly having to do with functionality. I am still working on finalizing a lot of the new features and adjustments, but will hopefully have them done soon so that they can be made public. Some of what is planned will allow us to expand the credits that members can earn, as well as possibly adding a new forum-specific currency. I will also be working to get the new gifs prepared for the showcase add-on, so that people with permission can start filling in data so it is specific to Adept, rather than NA/EU like the current wiki is.

We will be working on some more merchandise soon (for those that are interested), and I am looking at an alternative from Threadless which provides an API so we can integrate it into the site, and automatically reward the Platinum that people get for each $25 spent. The option that I am looking at is also slightly cheaper, but does not offer everything that Threadless does (no skateboards).

I will also be making an announcement in the future about recruiting artists to work with us and earn money doing avatars, news backgrounds and other images that we have been using.

The news background is done by @Arborath.