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We are proud to announce the release of our Swordsman Online server.

To start with we will be releasing the server as a mostly retail experience so that we can gather feedback and ideas from players, and then work on the implementation of said ideas. Some of the things that we are going to want to work on are as follow:
  • Arena Balancing / Matchmaking
    • Balancing is to compensate for the unbalance added with level 80+ content.
  • New Arena Options/Modes
    • ...
As we enter the final preparation stages for launching our Swordsman Online server, I wanted to create a post asking the existing community or people interested in the game where they think the pain points are in the core game loop, or where improvements can be made to make the game a better overall experience.

We are most interested in the following:

  • New or adjusted mechanics
  • Opinions on potential balancing
  • Ideas for new content

Every suggestion or opinion will...
Hello Team,

Event 2/10/18,

Due to unfortunate circumstances I am unable to attend the AM event tomorrow. But do not fear! I will be running both the AM and PM event next week (2/17) to make up for it!

I did however spawn stuff at doom castle for those of you who are up for the challenge!

Valentines Day Event! (2/17)

Next week will be the Valentines day event!
The rewards will be dangerous or delicious?

I ran a poll for about 2.5 seconds on what the Valentines day...
As noted in the previous store update thread, we will be releasing a new update to the website on Monday. This new update will introduce a whole new store with new functionality, new ways to earn credits and the foundation for adding more products in the future.

New functionality:
  • Ability to set your default account which will used as the default selection when redeeming a purchased Game Card.
  • Ability to purchase multiple items before checking out (eg $10, $20 and a $5...
There isn't any need to panic, no Diamonds went missing and there were no actual issues.

Earlier today I updated our website to use SSL for all traffic as it provides more security, and is something that is beginning to become mandatory by Google and Paypal. You can read a brief break down of SSL here (Why HTTPS Matters  |  Web Fundamentals  |  Google Developers).

Onto the "issue";...
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