It's been a little over a month since the last development update and I figured it was about time to write up a new one.

The most controversial change is that I will be changing expansion cards and daily reset tickets so that they cannot be transferred through the housing system. Daily reset cards have been temporarily removed from the Surprise Box of the Master (and replaced with Draconic Influence potions), but they will be re-added after the change goes into effect, as well as the addition of them back to the shell market. This is a change that has to be done due to how excessively alt farming has been abused, and continues to be abused; a quick look in the logs show people who have 60+ expansion cards or daily resets, the majority of which come from alt farming. This change will mean that the shell market can be properly equalized and that things that have been left off of it will be able to be added (potentially even a James Brown Flute).

This change will likely go into effect in September, so I will recommend using or removing any stored expansion cards or daily reset tickets in housing storage.

Secondly, I have been asked or reminded to change the Kindred Wheel quite often, and it is simply something that Hater and I both hate doing because it's more annoying than it should be. So rather than having to constantly change the Kindred Wheel, we will just be replacing the rewards with custom made gacha. One such gacha has already been completed which separates each Dragon Family or Model into it's own gacha, and rewards over 200+ dragons. 2-3 other gachas will be made to take up the remaining slots on the Kindred Wheel, so that players will still have some variety in what rewards they will get. We may also do something similar to GM event rewards, though Hater will still throw in some of his random rewards. This will also probably happen sometime in September, though it depends on when I can get it completed as I have been busy with the following update.

Now the important news... The new Dragon: Galactic Storm. This was originally just a test while Aiden got use to a workflow in creating dragon textures/recolorations, but it looked too good so we made it official. We have showed a few previews on our Discord (Join the AdeptGamer Discord Server!), but the completely dragon is currently being finished up, and we hope to have it released either this month or beginning of next month. We have also started working off a concept piece for a second Dragon, but that one is still in the early stages. I'm not going to preview the Dragon just yet as we're still working on the final details of how it looks, but it will be announced as soon as it is completed.

We have decided to start with a recolor of each model so that we can setup a foundation for retexturing all models (and figuring out our workflow), and then applying what we've learned and done to creating our own models when we finish up the tooling for that. All in all, this should be the quickest and most stable way for us to deliver new Dragons.

There are some other things that are coming or have been worked on, which has been why updates have slowed down a bit, but those are still in need of testing or some finishing touches before they are released.