It's once again been a month since the last update, and as there will be another large patch coming soon, I figured I'd go into (some) detail in what I've been working on.

First and foremost, for the last two months I've been researching the 'Dungeon Ancients' system so that we can make modifications to it (more than what we have so far). This has involved a lot of testing, a lot of research and mostly a lot of screaming and yelling at monitors; no monitors were hurt during the testing of this system. The end result is I've (mostly) been able to do changes that I am satisfied with releasing, though there will be some more changes that we will want to do in the future.

The most obvious, and major change, will be that every dungeon will have it's own exclusive Dragon, though they will not all be Ancients or Fabled Ancients. I've always personally hated that dungeons have the exact same Dragon in a zone (with some exceptions), so it made much more sense to me to give each dungeon it's own Dragon. As far as why we didn't do Ancients and Fabled Ancients... Giving players more variety, and encouraging them to explore is always a good thing in my books.

The change to the dungeon system will wipe all current spawn points, but each dungeon will now individually track their own points. We will also be looking at fixing Nyrol's and Gaesis Roost in the future so that it is inline with the standard system.

Secondly, we will be adding another two Dragons to the game, and these will both be freely available, and not locked to the Marketplace.

The first, Carnelian Warden, is a slightly touched up Duskreaver that was not fully implemented in the game and was lacking some details which Aiden completed.

The second one is a new Halloween Dragon which will be released for the Halloween GM Event, so if you want it you will need to show up and participate. This is another hand-painted and textured Dragon by Aiden, and a lot of work went into getting it the way we wanted it.

I will not be posting a preview of the Dragons for now as I want them to be a surprise, but I may potentially do a preview closer to when they are released.

There is also a third change that may be taking place slightly in the future, and that is a slight client update that we are wishing to try out. When we did beta testing for our source code, we found that there was an issue with the client where (some) players would only have 50% of their usual FPS. This new client should fix a bad piece of code and solve that issue, and allow us to start making progress into some of the requests that players have made that require source code. I've not decided when we will do this update yet, but it should hopefully be soon.

If you would really like to get a sneak peek, you can always support Aiden on AdeptGamer_Aiden is creating game assets | Patreon.