After many delays, and many many many tantrums and rants by both @Dragon and @Light, we've finally gotten to a point that we can begin rolling out some data updates to Dragon's Prophet. To begin with it will mostly be bug fixes, quality of life improvements and the addition of new marketplace items to fill in the blanks for player needs (Who doesn't want a Golden Item Unbinder for level 200 items and below, right?), but we will also be laying more of a foundation for future updates. We are still working on some things needed for new zones/new dungeons, but we can at least begin planning and building things such as items, mobs and new dragons once we get some new textures completed.

We were also hoping to release a new client, however during testing we found that the beta client has a bug where you only have 50% of your normal FPS. Originally we had thought that this was unique to some people, but in fact it happens to everyone and it's going to require a lot of research to resolve. This doesn't prevent us from doing data updates, but it will delay us in adding some things that require source code. While this is being researched we will also probably try to look at the HD textures missing, as well as the general unoptimized state of the client if we can.

I would like to thank all of our players for their patience, whether or not they are currently active, or are waiting for these updates. It's taken a lot of time to get to where we are at with Dragon's Prophet because half of it is reading through poorly commented Chinese code, or poorly thought out systems. All I can say is that there have been a lot of rants by myself, @Dragon and @Light on an almost daily basis.

In regards to bugs like the Laedis 102 Weapon quest, and the broken treasure quests, I will be working on those over the coming week or so. For the Laedis Weapon, I am going to just create a new quest where you can just receive the weapon for the items; this will cut out all of the preliminary questline, and hopefully resolve the issue as I've yet to find how to get that quest. As far as treasure quests go, I will need to look into that further.

As mentioned previously here are a few things that are currently planned:

  • Custom Titles - rather than taking the stance EU did with using predatory psychological marketing tricks, we will probably just offer this as a service with the new website platform as it will require an approval process. If approved, the item will be created and then added within 1-2 maintenance; there may also be an option for the title to be exclusive, or for whether or not to make it available in game.
  • It's been asked for a while to make it so that multiple powders can be used at a single time, however that is something that cannot be easily done so I will instead be making powders with increased effects. The existing 10% powders will probably be added as a rare reward for dancing or in other ways as I still disagree with encouraging the egg system :).
  • A Lair Manager Flute! Why? Because I too once dealt with having 100+ eggs and I too suffered through replacing them. That or so they can make room if they have a full stable and run across a wild dragon.
  • Possibly a James Brown flute; though we will need to look at the logistics of this, and how we'd go about it.

We are also still looking into re-doing textures, which we can then use to make new textured dragons with different recolors. This is a slow process as we need to establish our own workflow, and look for the optimal way of doing things. We will not be doing what others have done which is basically using Photoshop filters and Macros as that will look worse than the existing textures once we fix the HD texture problem.