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  1. Seiichi
    @Graveguard It essentially comes down to an over complicated data model, and a lot of unnecessary hardcoding in the source itself. The estimates were originally based off of getting the data tool...
  2. Graveguard
    @Seiichi I don't mean it in a bad way but why did you say this in 2017 when you could not manage to release the "content" yet, mid 2020, that are three years and two month later? I mean you must...
  3. Seiichi
    @Graveguard That's the joy of working with a code base that uses standards that were old in 2008.
  4. Graveguard
    "Laedis 108 Weapons that we will be implementing later this year." He said in May 2017... well it's July 2020 now. "Probably later within the fall so that theres content go with a level increase...
  5. Annimora
    Okay) As the author, I will leave a short description. Of course, it could be more suitable for any kind of dungeon, but who will forbid us to dream a little?)) - "This dragon is named "Golden...

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