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Yuletide Joy
This emerald green and scarlet dragon is a rare, joyous creature observed during the Silver Dragon Festival. A purveyor of the season cheer, gifts granted unto the Osira are done in conjunction with Karuna and Randolph. Yuletide Joy is the largest and most imposing of the lot – but comes packaged with the greatest heart. For those who merely witness this bright evergreen dragon are filled with the compulsion to sing and dance unwillingly. This dragon then joins them with festive songs in a shrill tone of nonsense that must only be a masterful marvel among all of the dragonkin.

Stories that inspire Osira – like the ties with their bond with dragonkind – serve as an escape from the horrors of reality and the fiends and criminals of the time. Yuletide Joy knows only of joy, positivity and festivity.

After the end of the Silver Dragon Festival, Yuletide Joy is thought to not vanish completely. For a certain spell involving Osira dancing the night away, against their own will is tied to the celebrations of the Creation Festival. The nightmarish, terrifying equines that lay out doom for all who step within...

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