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  • Weekly Maintenance 1/17/2018

    We have completed Dragon's Prophet weekly maintenance for 1/17/2018.

    With this maintenance we have also activated the "Special World Boss" event. World bosses will spawn in different zones, giving you a chance at dropping Vibrant Thunder flutes, and marketplace items. You can read the following guide for more details:

    World Bosses
  • 50% Diamond Bonus Weekend (1/12-1/14)

    We are having another 50% Diamond Bonus weekend starting tonight and ending Sunday at 11:59 PST.

    You can purchase Diamonds here.
  • 30% Diamond Bonus Weekend (1/12-1/14)

    We are having another 30% Diamond Bonus weekend starting tonight and ending Sunday at 11:59 PST.

    You can purchase Diamonds here.
  • Server Maintenance 08-01-18

    The maintenance is finished. Open server.

    Tomorrow we will perform a Server maintenance at 09:00 CET and it will take around 1h.

    - The Action House(AH) issue will be fixed.
    Now the AH time works properly.

    - New instance has been made, to farm Ancient Mementos.
    - This instance only allow 6 members party, if you are on a raid with more players you wont be able to join instance, expel the remaining members.
    - It is not allowed to enter instance if you go mount.

    - The Equipment...
  • Server Maintenance - 12.30.17

    The maintenance will be done from 9AM PST to 10AM PST at the latest.

    Bugs will be corrected.
    New skills will be implemented:
    - Warlock can now use shield. Added in the skill <ill Will>.
    - Priest will be changed 2 skills.
    Skill <Ice Fog rank1> is now an attack skill.
    Skill <Ice Fog rank2> is now a skill that regenerates mana the group.
    - Priest / Warrior has changed the skill <Power Build-Up> to passive.

    Modifications and Improvements of the server.

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Dragon's Prophet

  1. Developer Update Development Update & Previews

    Because we are likely going to see an influx of players in the immediate future I thought it would be a good idea to preview some of what we've been working on behind the scenes.

    Concept Art

    One of the biggest tasks that we have been working on has been expanding upon the concept art we'll have available when we finish our update. We have been working with @22RII, @Vipera, @Theluji and @heminyx to create new model concepts and some recolors of existing dragon models. These are some of the...

Runes of Magic

  1. Announcement Santa Claus Appears Tonight

    Santa Claus appears tonight and brings us a special gift 5 runs on the wheel of fortune for all players.