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  1. Haildrake

    Suggestion Rejected Take a Walk on the Shax Side

    So this would definitely be something that would be far down the road but I'd love to see the possibility of characters having more interaction with and even joining the Shax as they go about their adventure. - Ideally this would work thru the achievement system and side quests done thru each...
  2. Haildrake

    Guide Quantifying Companion XP

    Hi all this is Haildrake AKA Torrice in game and this is a quick helper guide to help your grind Battle Exp as fast as possible. Alright so 1st off here is a link to the basic overview of the dragon combat exp table on the dragon prophet wiki: Dragon Combat Skills It has things I will reference...
  3. Haildrake

    Buying Gunblade (think its general naem is poacher gunblade)

    Hey all I'm am looking to purchase the gunblade in this picture. I've been grinding everywhere to grab it again and haven't had any luck so if you want to sell it to me please, please, please send me either a message or a cod. My in game name is Torrice
  4. Haildrake

    Cooling Impact Combo skill?

    Hey all Torrice here and I've always wondered what skill do you need to use cooling impacts stun effect? For those who don't know this is what the skill says: Launches a water energy offensive, inflicting X magic damage...
  5. Haildrake

    Buying House Recipies

    Hey all this is Torrice here and I want to Purchase Building Recipes, especially house recipes. My rates are as followed: Towers & Single story Homes : 300~600K 2 story Houses: 1million Anything larger (I have never seen but hey who knows): 1.5million+ Leave me a post or Reply to me In game
  6. Haildrake

    A Skeleton Structure

    Hey everyone its Torrice here. So I can see that the AH isn't really up and running for a lot of stuff and thought I could make and thread with a general basis for pricing armor to buy for COSTUME SETS. I think this would help jump start the AH hopefully. Granted I'm going to go in game and...
  7. Haildrake

    Buying Pale Shadow Armor

    Hey everyone its Torrice here. So Getting down to basics I'm looking for the Pale Shadow armor. It is Light armor Default orange and blue and is freaking amazing as a piece of gear. If you have any parts I would love to buy the gloves and shoes. Thanks and Have fun all. ( Mb forgot to change...
  8. Haildrake

    Guide Arid Sandstalker Dragon- Battle Exp in full

    Hi all this is Haildrake AKA Torrice in game and this is a quick helper guide to Gaining Battle Exp for your Dragons. [Preface]: So a while back some guild members where helping me try to tame Typhoon, the Dungeon rare, in Aymori Sands. While looking for him, we ran around and kept spawning the...