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During the height of Auratian conflict within the region of Sitheran, Laedis Academics procured nihilistic tomes from the Shax's very own Black Tower. Within, notes of practises most vile would be the prelude to Galactic Storm's creation.

Auratian Leaders authorised the deconstruction of these manifests to the upper scholars of the academy and through much practical research, they could create a new breed of dragon. This took many years however of filtering through some of the less... ethical means the Shax would use to give birth to their own monstrous creations.

And so it was, within the walls of Artecia's bastion, was Galactic Storm crafted. Some elements involved in its complex creation was the body of a dying RuneWake Dragon. This dragon had suffered a mortal blow in the beating chest of DragonHeart Temple to a monster known as Obsidian Thunder. There, it lay dying, until a band of Osirians rescued him and brought his body back to the Laedis Capital, where it might rest peacefully in its dying moments. With wounds too grave to heal, even with the hands of the most devout it was decided he be given treatment most experimental at the wish of his master.

The scriptures demanded three additional components, to be found on each of the major landmasses of Auratia. To the northern lands of Lukara and the Adra Quarry, a stone most smooth that reflects the stars in the night sky. To the eastern lands of Siberna, a sand of the richest black. To the western lands of Lilia, a revitalizing lotus in the Warthorne lake. With finality, these rare materials were returned to the Academy with both care and haste, for the RuneWake Dragons breath was waning.

Minutes turned to hours, then to days. Just nigh of the close of the week, all hope within those halls seemed lost. But then, with a rallying cry, the RuneWake Dragon had been revived. Or rather, reborn. Due to how divergent the dragon was in its appearance it had adopted, its name was declared "Galactic Storm." It immediately presented a different profoundness, which saddened the group. The RuneWake Dragons memories were lost, but it was given a new, second life. With this knowledge in hand, Auratian Leaders have allowed the Academy to continue to save the lives of many dragons bound for death, even with the setbacks it can come with.

Galactic Storm now resides among people as a ferocious companion available to any Osirian willing to take on the burden of bridling this ruthless dragon. In the night, its deep purple coloration blends and twinkle like stars in the sky and is said that its appearance keeps its master at peace.

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Fabled Ancient Dragon
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The Storm Breaker
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Adept Dragon Trainer

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