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When the rage of Mount Sorthina's fierce volcanic eruptions etched Bakra into the steep inclines and humid landscape it is to present, the crusts folded into a sealed cavern from an ancient era – Urukar's Cleave. History was woven into thousands of years before the entryway to the Devouring Void was cracked by the best of the Laedis Academy.

Within oozed remnants of fiends and devouring dragons that brought upon a fear that few could muster the courage to face alone, but one of the most curious finds was a completely intact dragon – free from the acid taint of devouring dragon energy.

As he would be known by name, Syvaenir, Devourer of the Void was an infallible, furious beast that attained survival only through the most unforgiving, claustrophobic conditions. If not for the glow of the pulsating cysts within the Devouring Chasm it would have been robbed of all sight through adaptation. This ruthless dragon possesses obsidian strength scales capable of crushing skulls of the dead that often re-animate time and again in the devil tunnel. His scales blend with the soft light of the chasm, save for the stern warning the striking markings bear on his body.

Earning favour with a dragon this volatile serves as one of the highest achievements an Osirian can earn – though the means to attain audience with this dragon serves as a mystery.

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Fabled Ancient Dragon
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Devourer of the Void
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  1. Marketplace
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Adept Dragon Trainer

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