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Born with clear, prismatic scales, this dragon ushered in beauty of the sun and shone like a magnificent solar ray. These dragons dreamed... and seemingly depended on this demand of flying to the upper limits of the atmosphere just so their skin could drink from the sun light. Their gorging upon the shining gift so greedily cursed them and as a result, their offspring did not inherit their glassy sheen.

Instead, their scales were cursed and blighted with volumes of color - bleached of shades of the howling night and blooming day. While the era of the prismatic dragon eventually came to an end when the eldest were sapped of life, this new strain known as Viridias prospered. The colors upon its back serves as a reminder of the age their ancestors inherited a portion of the sun. This curse it received - was a blessing in fact. A dragon who could be barely observed by Osirian eyes due to its shimmer of a twilight star could now be observed in its striking beauty by all. While this admiration prospered, it brooded darker intent in some circles and as a result many of the known Viridias in the world were forcibly captured - some even by devouring dragon doomsayers. The primary intent for these motives were boundless, but a dragon so beautiful and rare as a cut diamond warranted desire.

While prison was a likely outcome for this beast it had an infallible cunning. No conventional bar of steel could hold it down for long. However the damage across their kind in Auratia was done. Mere slithers of their kind remained in the wilds and in order to preserve the dragons sufficiently during this testing time the Laedis Academy decided to take them into a protective captivity.

Irony it is, for them to escape from the clutches of evil only to lose freedom once again, but the purposes of the Laedis Academy are just. One day each dragon will be freed and provisioned to a reputable Osirian so long as they adhere to the legacy that Viridias left behind.

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Fabled Ancient Dragon
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Sky Painter
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Adept Dragon Trainer

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