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  1. K

    Suggestion Summoner damage buff / Rework

    Hello there. Im nobody. Summoner dmg needs a little buff atm as its really underperforming in Elga or general boss content and struggles on fast clearing floors on drakos compared to other classes: So after the introduction here is my suggestion: If possible either cut the animations of skills...
  2. Zirothos

    Suggestion Healer total rework

    Healer class skill that should be removed or rework Monk Removal of diffusion canon: replacement holy arrow Holy arrow effect / low cooldown skill: lv 1 shoot 1 arrow in front of the caster that pierce the enemy and hit multiple targets in front of the caster > higher lv = shotting more...
  3. Amadeus

    Suggestion Gear Rework / Discussion

    As I've heard the sets will be reworked again, I'd like to present my idea (that I had a long time ago) to everyone and get your opinion. Keep in mind, that this is not perfect of course. Problems and possible "solutions" are listed below as well as my opinion of the current system. PLEASE READ...

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