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    Hello there. As most of you know the drop is predetermined on the drops. Who doesnt there goes your dream.
    My idea would be making those boxes useful in this kind of way.
    Making every box specific to a certain loot so people can choose what they would like to drop in the dungeon to give it a less frustrating experience due to RNG but still keeping the factor ingame.
    That means :
    I'll take paris as an example right now but it can be applied to other dungeons or future content
    1. Box - Would drop Equipment - meaning trash loot and a % chance to get secmathian nothing else.
    2. Box - Would drop Material - Meaning would drop material which would maybe require some trash material to be added as a filler.
    3. Box - Would drop Gold boxes / IM Stuff? - Something like 1-4 enchant scrolls dropping or a soulcraft randomizer varying in number 1-4?
    4. Box - Soulcraft box - Would drop a X quantity of souls varying from numbers that would have to be adjusted depending on the dungeon.
    This would make every drop relevant I guess and could be balanced with fillers and adjustments of % range of drop of items.
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