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    Dragon’s Prophet (DP) has 4 classes. Sorcerer and Oracle are the magic damage classes while Ranger and Guardian are the physical damage classes. In all classes, there are two choices for skills--one hand or two hand. Sorcerers use staffs and Oracles use Scythes. Both classes can only equip cloth gear. If playing as a one hand in either class, an amulet is used on the off hand. Also, if Oracles use one hand skills, their weapon is a talisman. Rangers use bows and can equip either light or cloth armor while Guardians can use swords, axes, maces or hammers and can equip heavy, light or cloth armor. If playing as a one hand in either of the physical classes, a shield is used on the off hand. If a Ranger uses one hand skills, their weapon is a gunblade. Please note that all one hand masteries are set for more survivability while two hand masteries are for more damage. One hand Oracle is the main healing class with skills that allow you to heal other characters as well as yourself. It is probably the easiest class to use for learning the game mechanics.

    Exclusive Starter Pack

    Once your character is created, you should whisper Seiichi for the Exclusive Starter Pack for DP. You may either wait until you have finished the tutorial and whisper him in game, or you can whisper him in Discord if you have joined. If you whisper him in Discord, make sure to include your actual character name. Either way, as long as your character is finalized, he can send it to you through the game mail system. You are only allowed one pack no matter now many accounts you have. Please do not try to cheat the system as it is a bannable offense. Because of this, it is wise to try the classes that interest you so you can make an informed decision about which character you wish to use the experience orbs on. Once used, they cannot be retrieved. If you have never played DP before, it might be a good idea to hold off on using the orbs. You will probably enjoy it more if you learn the game first.


    Character Information

    In the top left, you will see your character’s picture. The bars next to it are for Health Points, Action Points, Dragon Soul Points, Stamina Points and Mounted Combat Stamina. Both Action Points and Dragon Soul Points are needed for specific hits. Stamina Points are needed for sprinting and Mounted Combat Stamina is needed for you to be able to mount a dragon. When you have a dragon in your stable, they will show up under your character information with the hotkeys to call each (default is Alt + F1-F6). This will only show the first page of dragons in your stable. Any others will have to be put on your hotbar.


    Target Information

    In the top right corner is the information for any NPC or enemy you are focused on. You can watch to see how quickly an enemy’s health is going down here.


    Quest Tracker

    On the right side of the screen is your Quest Tracker. This only gives quest names and objectives. To get more information, you will need to open your Quest Log.


    Chat Box

    The chat box is in the bottom left of your screen. It should default to the “All” tab. There you can see all but Raid chat. You will need to press Enter or click in the chat box to be able to type a message. If your cursor is in the chat box and you don’t want it to be, press Enter to exit the chat. In the bottom left of the chat box is a colored circle with a letter in it. Default should be white with an S in it. This is for local chat. You can change the chat in two ways. Either click on the circle to get the menu of the different chats or you can click “/” plus the letter that stands for the type of chat you want and press the spacebar. It will change your chat type and then you can type your message in the correct chat. Whisper - /w, World - /o, Alliance - /a, Guild - /g, Raid, - /r, Party - /p, Zone - /z and Local - /s.



    Your hotbar is in the middle of the bottom of your screen. Skills show up on the bar automatically as you learn them. You can put active hits, dragon soul hits, dragons, quick change sets and more on the hotbar and move them to work with your playing style.


    Favorites Menu

    In the bottom right is a mini-menu with icons for some commonly used hotkeys. At the bottom of each circle, it shows the hotkey used to access that item.



    Character is “C”

    On the left you will see four tabs. The top one is your character information. The currency tab takes you to a list of every type of “currency” you can earn/use in the game. The costumes tab is where you put all your costumes. You have up to 10 costumes you can put on each character with the ability to color them all on the same page. The fourth one is titles Titles do give buffs so it’s a good idea to equip a title as soon as you have one. Titles come from completing certain quests, from capturing or hatching dragons and from finishing zones.


    Backpack is “B”

    If you open your backpack, at the top are four tabs: Backpack, Marketplace Bag, Dragon Shard Bag and Companion Satchel.


    At the bottom are icons for Extraction/Batch Extraction, Sort, Split Item Stack and Trash Bin. It is best to use Batch Extraction for any extraction process...even for only one item.


    Skills are found by clicking “K”

    The tabs on the left are General Skills, Active Skills, Passive Skills, Dragon Soul Skills and Combo Skills. Your basic, active and dragon soul skills are the only skills you can put on your hotbar.


    Quest Log is on “J”

    If you open your Quest Log, you can see all of your quests with complete information. This includes a full description, which zone it’s in, rewards to be earned and, at the bottom of the right hand page, you have choices to look at a map to get a specific location as well as the ability to abandon a quest. Storyline quests, however, cannot be abandoned. At the bottom of the left hand page, there is a record of how many dailies you have done and the maximum number of dailies you can do.



    Clicking Esc on your keyboard serves a dual purpose. Since your mouse moves your screen during game play, it can be difficult to click on anything. Esc locks your screen which allows you the freedom to use your mouse for clicking. Also, Esc is a toggle switch for the main menu at the top. You will want to familiarize yourself with the entire menu. However, the far right icon might be the most important when getting started. It is the System icon and looks like two gears. When you click on that, you get a new menu that pops up in the middle of your screen. The top choice will be System Settings. This is where you can customize the game settings for your computer such as the display and audio that works best for you. The selection under System Settings is Interface Settings. This is where you customize aspects of the game that have to do with game movement. You can add hotkey bars, change hotkey choices and decide what character information you wish to have displayed for other characters. Further down the menu is where you go back to Character Selection, if you wish to change characters, and even further down is Exit Game. Don’t forget about the Unstuck button. If you get stuck and cannot get free, you have a way out if you choose to use it. But be careful! If you are in a dungeon, it will take you out!



    Daily Rewards

    To the left of the System button in the Esc menu is an icon that looks like a treasure box. Here is where you accept your two free daily gifts. The Daily Login Reward is the third choice from the top and second from the bottom is VIP Area. Both buttons will open to a calendar that shows you what rewards will be given out each day for the current month. The Daily Login Rewards depend on how many days of the month you log into the game and the VIP depends on which particular days you log into the game. The VIP area will also show you what VIP level you are currently, how close you are to the next level and what benefits your current VIP level gives you. When you login each day, there will be a shining icon in the top right of your screen. This is another way to access your login reward for the day.



    Along with your two free daily gifts, you should also accept your Achievements every day. If you click “O” (default), your Achievement window will open up. The left section is your Achievement Categories, the middle section will tell you what is required for the achievement as well as the points you receive for each activity, while the right section tells you what rewards are given for each point level. If you are looking at one of the timed achievements, the time you have left to complete the activities is shown at the top right of the middle section. When you first open the Achievement window, any achievements ready to be claimed will be marked by an exclamation mark on the title in the Achievement Categories section (left). To claim them, click on the tab with the exclamation mark, making sure you have gotten to the page where you have earned points. Click “Claim All” on the bottom of the right hand section. You have to do this for each item that has an exclamation mark.


    Another way to get free items is the Kindred Compass. Please see the Intermediate Guide for Dragon’s Prophet Players for more information.


    The Basics

    After you have finished the tutorial, you will find some items in your mailbox. There are items to unlock two more stable slots and 2 more lair slots along with multiple megaphones for talking in world chat. Because of how the server encourages world chat, it really feels like a friendly, supportive community. Do not worry about accepting all of the megaphones. There is plenty of room to leave them in your marketplace bag. When you type in world chat, it automatically uses one megaphone for each message you type. If you ever need help in game, feel free to ask in world chat!


    Gift Pack

    Each character you create will also receive a gift pack that will appear in your backpack. There are gifts for several different levels all the way up to level 60. You can open it by right clicking on it each time you reach the level of the gift bag. The first time you open it, you will receive a potion for 20% xp for 1 day. The potion will only count down while you are online. All buffs or debuffs will show up as icons to the right of your character picture/information in the top left of your screen (refer to the picture in the section titled “Character”). You will see the potion there and it will tell you how much time is left.

    Equipping Gear

    In your Character window, you can see all the gear you have equipped and all that you may equip at the same time. If you have an item in your backpack that you wish to equip, just right click it and it will automatically replace the item currently equipped or fill in an empty space. If right-clicking it does not equip it, make sure your class and level can use the item you are trying to equip. If there is any red in the item information, that means there is a reason your character can’t use it. Before you equip new gear, hover over the item and it will show you a comparison of the new item and your equipped item. Green means the stat is better and red means it is worse. If there is a lot of green on the item, make sure those particular stats are important to your character. Green does not always mean it’s better gear.


    Selling Items

    When you want to sell an item from your backpack, you can go to any merchant no matter what it is you are selling. After you click “F” to open the store, right click any items you wish to sell. If you accidentally sell something and want to buy it back, you can as long as it’s before reset on the same game day. Also, only one page of items is accessible (the last 12 items), but you can access it from any merchant. In the merchant window, there are two tabs on the left. The bottom one is for buying back items you sold.


    Adding Friends

    To add people to your Friends List, you have 3 ways to do it. If they are standing where you can see them, right click on them to bring up a menu where you can add them. You can also left click on their name in the chat box if they have said anything there. Clicking on their name in chat can also be done if they aren’t close to you.


    Otherwise, open your Friends List (default “H”) then click the “Add Friend” icon to the right of “Search”. Type the person’s name in the blank and click “Yes”. More information regarding friends is in the Intermediate Guide for Dragon’s Prophet Players.


    The Map

    You will find out that, in this game, the map is your friend. There are no directional arrows showing you where to go. You reach the map by clicking “M” (default). Check your map for icons, yellow or red dots, yellow or red circles, or check marks/exclamation marks. Yellow dots mark destinations or items to collect, while yellow circles show areas for collecting items to complete objectives for quests. Red circles/dots mark enemies you need to kill for quests in your quest log. If you hover your cursor over an icon/dot/circle on the map, it will tell you what it stands for. Also in the Cities/Towns/Settlements/Camps you can hover over icons to find out what they stand for.



    Storyline quests are marked with yellow exclamation marks, side quests are green, daily quests are blue and special quests are red. Completed quests will be marked with similarly colored check marks and quests needing to be completed will show as white check marks. You are not required to do the storyline quests from the beginning to access storyline quests further on. Each area will show up if you are the right level for it. More information regarding quests are in the Intermediate Guide for Dragon’s Prophet Players. There is also a guide for the quests in each zone. If you have trouble with a quest, check it out on the wiki.

    Attribute Points

    As you level, you earn two different types of points. One is attribute points. To distribute attribute points, go to Character (“C”). At the bottom right, you will see if you have any attribute points available to distribute. Strength and Focus are only for Guardians and Rangers. Intelligence and Dragon Affinity are only for Sorcerers and Oracles. Focus has physical defense and armor penetration as well as physical damage. Dragon Affinity has magic defense, magic penetration and magic damage. Ferocity affects the critical hit and damage for both physical and magic, Charisma affects the strength of your dragon as well as increasing the amount of Active Battle Time, while Constitution affects your maximum possible health and health recovery. It might be wise to limit the number of attributes that you put points in. I would recommend 2 or, at the most, 3. This will give you more points for each attribute. To distribute attribute points, click the up arrow beside the attribute you wish to add points to and then click the checkmark at the bottom to confirm. You can reset attribute points for free up to level 15. After that you need to use either diamonds or an Attribute Reset Powder. You get one of those in the gift pack as you level up.


    Mastery Points

    You also earn mastery points. To distribute mastery points open the Masteries window “N”. Hover over each picture to see a description of the skill. Click on each picture you wish to add points to. Only one point is added per click. If the picture of a skill is gray, you either have a level or skill requirement not met. Check the description to find out what you need. There are three tabs on the left in the Masteries window. The top tab is Basic Masteries, the second is Weapon Masteries and the third is Dragon God Masteries. The first tab is opened immediately while the other two are locked. You can still look at the skills there but until they are unlocked, you cannot put points in any of the skills, therefore you can’t use them. The Weapon Masteries are available to unlock at level 10 and the Dragon God masteries are not available until level 60. Both require Mastery Trials to unlock the pages. See the guide for the trials to get more information.



    The Lair Manager has many different uses. There is a guide that deals just with dragons and the Lair Manager so this guide will only touch on a couple of items.

    Egg Incubation

    If you are wanting to hatch an egg, the egg incubation is part of the Lair Manager’s menu. After you open the egg incubation, click and drag the egg from your backpack into the empty square in the middle of the egg picture.


    Click “Start Incubation”. From there you will need to choose a bonus attribute. The guide about dragons will help you choose which bonus attribute to select. Then click “Confirm” to start incubation. If you wish to hold an egg so other players can care for your egg, click “Go to Egg Incubation” and second from the top will be “I want to hold a dragon egg”. While you hold your egg, it will show up as a buff/debuff in the upper left corner by your character information. Right click on that egg to release it. If you are holding an egg, the best place to encourage people to care for your egg is by the Transportation Master in Arteicia. There is a guide for hatching dragons with max stats available. Also, if you see others holding an egg, right click on them to get the menu, choose “View Dragon Egg” and then click the care button. You get free items for your cares.


    The Lair and Stable

    Once you have a dragon in your stable, you can use the Lair Manager or the Agent in the guild sanctuary (under Additional Services) to access your lair. You can click and drag any of your dragons to the Lair for processes or for training to level skills. This is also where you can use the items to unlock slots in both the lair and the stable. Just click on the locked slot and you will have the choice to use the item you received in your mailbox. Keep in mind that if a dragon is in the lair, you cannot use it while questing. Make sure you leave a dragon in your stable for transportation.


    Your Dragon Team

    Once you have dragons in either the lair or the stable, you should create your dragon team. The main NPC for the dragon arena is at the desk just inside the building from the Transportation Master in Arteicia. You only need one dragon to have a dragon team. Any dragon chosen for your dragon team is still available for questing as long as it isn’t in the lair. To activate your team, fight one arena fight and, win or lose, you will start getting dragon runes every hour. Dragon runes are used to evolve your dragons. More complete information is in the guide called Dragon Basics by Newb.



    Capturing Dragons

    As a final topic for the beginning DP player, it seems right that it’s about what brought us here. Dragons! In this game, the most exciting way to get dragons is to capture them. Capturing will be obvious if you start in Helmoth and do your Storyline Quests there. The second storyline quest you are given is to capture a wild, flying dragon. There is a reason for this. Your third storyline quest requires you to be able to fly. When capturing a dragon, use your hotkey for capture (default “6”). Then use either your arrow keys or w, a, s, d to keep the floating symbol centered in the circle. The objective is to fill up the red bar before the yellow bar empties. This has to happen before the time runs out. If it doesn't, you'll be kicked off the dragon and it will attack you.


    Don’t Forget the Draconic Influence

    There are different types of dragons throughout each zone that you can capture. Just remember that Draconic Influence (DI) is important for capturing any dragon. This is mostly achieved through accessories (necklace, earrings, rings). As you quest, watch for DI on accessories and keep a set in your backpack. If you have good DI, you have a reasonable chance to capture a dragon that is up to 5 levels higher than your character level. Finding wild, rare dragons takes a lot of time and a lot of patience. It also helps to have access to the calendar showing when they spawn. As previously stated, this is a friendly, helpful community. If you wish to have access to this calendar, just ask. I’m sure someone will share it.

    LAST, BUT NOT LEAST, HAVE FUN!! We look forward to having you join us!

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