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Suggestion Black dragon accessory set


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Sep 16, 2019
and the ring since i don't have it wont be shown in the image

the effect of all those item should be change / buff /effect change

atm those item are not counted has any good since they have lower bonus then other item like , aram belt , kyros ring/ earring /kazura necklaces and many other have better overall bonus.

this is the belt bonus >atm it can be any of the base 4 stat but with a max of 13 for each. and it pretty low for a lv 70 item.

adding other effect to the belt or rising the base stat that it give to feel like end game item.

but i think the weakest of them all is the earrings, even the set bonus is weak or = to the aram one
<< aram one have the same final rate bonus and the set item give more effect for the user.

so part 1 : individual bonus of 4 black dragon accessory set should be rework for is LV > and the set option effect should be rework too.

BELT = give more base stat or a total rework of is bonus
Earrings = rise the effect of the item or total new bonus
Necklaces = just rework it. magic power up (max/min) is useless overall
Ring = rework it , if i recall it give phy attack max/min up. so slighting more power then the kyros ring but with less overall benefit.

set bonus = well the FCR is the same has aram that is a set lv 54 , and HP/mp 1.8k well i think other bonus could be better then be a copy with higher stat then other accessory set.

we don't see many critical damage bonus effect on set so could be added in > removal of the HP/MP for base stat bonus or % base stat effect
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