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Jan 8, 2018


  • Player resync:
    I've been told this part has been commented out from Adept, yet this doesn't seem to be the case or it's not entirely commented out as I've had cases where I obviously got force teleported to old or rather totally new positions which were quite far away.
    It's rare but it's existent.
  • Tool tips disappearing a lot of times instantaneously
  • Inconsistent dungeon clear experience bonus
  • Dungeons like: Lavalon, Fenrir/Heath, Underground Graveyard
    • display an experience reward which isn't distributed at all
  • Monsters desyncing a lot
    • You'll randomly get hit when they teleport for example behind you
      breaking your combo; skill in use.
  • Underground Graveyard
    • Accepting a quest with dialogue the moment you go into a boss room
      will cause you to get stuck ⇒ not being able to attack nor interact with anything . UI will also disappear; everything except UI fixes itself in the next Boss encounter.


Profession system:​

Since you don't like the way it works e.g. "overpowered" for being afk as in a lot of free resources, you can change from whatever it did before to a system which would support the MyHome system.

Let me explain what I mean.
You could implement a crafting system in other words create a custom exchange machine for MyHome objects which could then be acquired via turning in the loot you received from the professions.

Game-play Issues​



Quests don't really give a lot of experience except for Hero quests and even then you'll have to be lucky to have chosen the right Hero quest line as certain quests still give next to no experience.


From level 20 to 60 there is not really much of gear progression, except for level 45 Mist Elf set which seems to be the best target to acquire a decent set, but as from what I know you'll be wasting a lot GADA Coins in order to receive set parts.


Test from Earth (1)​

Can be acquired before Paradise (8)

This shouldn't be the case, since you cannot complete it and "Paradise (8)" is a quest for a higher level.^

Socket Card Development (1)​

Cannot be completed

Due to removal of Professions and therefore Midas this quest cannot be completed.

Broken magic flute as two pieces​

No information on how to accept

In order to acquire this quest one will have to do F5 from the same Mission as "Paradise (8)" & "Test from Earth (1)" if I recall correctly. But there is no information on that and if I recall correctly it said "Can be accepted close to Chaos...", which would be false information.


  • Target requirements e.g. is in air; is on ground; is knocked down
    per skill and per skill level is rather inconsistent.
    ⇒ Examples: Marksman: Gatling rush
  • Dungeon clear bonus experience reward:
    It's inconsistent at best and non existent at worst. For example you'll get 150k at first run (SSS) and in the second run 50k (SSS) and in the third 90k (SS).
  • Dungeon repeat rate:
    It's inconsistent at best and non existent at worst. For example Boss experience can be at the 1.0 exp rate completion stage 100k at but 65k at 2.0 exp rate. This shouldn't happen.



  • Overall his damage is horrible and not really able to properly rush at the same calibre as the other classes through missions.
  • His chain combo will cause him to delay after an attack for about 2~3 seconds (at least that's how you'll feel) before being able to move.



  • To strong for level 40 2nd job change quest
    • This is due to the nature of him being a level 49 Boss
      He is technically 1 hitting you with each ability.
    • Meteor
      • Inconsistent Damage
      • Hard and next to impossible to detect when charging
        the arbalest or attacking Lavalon himself.
    • Flame breath
      • Animations rather janky; thus is in certain situations hard to predict.
Note: I heard someone wanted to readjust or rather balance the way you receive the underground graveyard set, which would in return make this fight easier, as this would essentially help with how strong the boss is at the moment it's not here yet and farming the set at this point of time is the same feeling you get when you run 50 times lavalon just to get 3 heart pieces or even just 1 if you're lucky enough that is.

Conclusion: Lavalon without a carry is at this point of time a huge roadblock. And with the lack of active players, as a lot just stand around afk in Port of Winds you won't really get someone who can carry you.

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