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    Now that the beta is finished i have prepared a spreadsheet listing all characters that will be eligible for class/name/gender/appearance transfer as well as all the rewards each player has gained.

    If you believe there to be mistakes with rewards or wish to change your name / gender / class please post a request in this forum thread, every time a request is processed it will be deleted (do not repost your request if it is deleted)

    Request: Change Class (To Warrior)
    Character: Paris

    Request: Didn't Receive Reward (Tier3)
    Character: Bannedpex

    simple and easy.
    do not make false requests / time waste.

    These requests can be processed even past "release" IF you have 0 playtime on the character after release , if you have more playtime than this only the character name can be changed via request (class ect will not be changed due to limitations)

    Human classes can be changed to drakan classes and vice versa
    if you are changing gender / race your appearance will be reset.
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