Bug Report Dony's Guild Quest's get some wrong description's


Feb 4, 2020
So i wanted to lv. my char and my Guild a bit ... but hey ! it will not be that easy as i thought xD

Well first day i got the 1024th quest and it says: Clear Verglas Ridge with S Rank [Chaos F2].
And i did it ... i did also Verglas chaos with 1-3 maps and tried S-SSS rank and Chaos ridge also if its an name issue.

In the end it didn't worked.

Second day i need to do Dony's 1036th quest and it says in the describtion to Kill 45x Bix at Drakos floor 27.
Well lucky i am its almost right ;D i need to kill the boss at floor 27 twice and the quest pin in top left corner says Bix 0/2 so i wonder how many are actualy wrong bc there are many quests xD

Im lv.68 btw if it helps who knows ^^
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Sep 5, 2017
Yeah there is a lot of text misinformation around those and Hunter G quests, hopefully after the balance patches are finished the devs can do some work on the guild system as a whole.

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