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    What if dragons weren't mere mortal dragons but can be chosen through trials which test their dragonness, viciousness, greed and power! Passing these trials enlightens them to become a dragon apostle of Piersar, Bazaka, Lonnier, Agno, Istalon, Ciern, Riemist or Haberace. (Or some other dragon gods.)

    Now with this alot of cool things can be done.
    A couple examples.
    Dragons receive even more passive bonuses from worshipping dragon gods.
    Have dragons be able to use dragon god skills.
    Having both the player and his dragon worship the same dragon god increase synenergy and dragon will be able to 'combo' on your dragon god skill. E.g. If you use a ciern dragon god skill, your dragon would storm them. Or if you use a Bazaka dragon god skill, your dragon would bomb them with flames.
    Even better would be that your dragon would be infused with the dragon god for a limited time.
    Evolution colour changes.
    Dragons depending on which dragon god they worship would deal extra or damage to other players or reduce damage taken. E.g. An offensive dragon god dragon would deal more damage to other players. A defensive dragon god dragon would reduce damage taken for both dragon and player character. Ciern would be offensive and Istalon defensive.
    A character would be limited to only 1 dragon apostle.
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