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    Jun 30, 2017
    As most of us know, getting 2 stars on a dragon family lets us freely choose our evolution skills for that dragon family. Now what if we take it a step further, and introduce starrelated bonuses to our dragons.
    Let say I have a razorback dragon, this one belongs to the swiftfoot family.
    Now when collecting stars on this particular razorback it will increase it's damage by 1% every star it got. On the other hand the total stars collected on all these swiftfoot wil net it a stat bonus of 1% every star to it's primary attribute, in this case it would be ferocity.
    In the first case, this is limited to 6 stars. The latter however can give unfair advantages when looking at particular dragon families. I'm looking at the difference between the phantom dragon family which consists of 5 dragons and the fabled family which has more than 17 pages (in dragon compendium) worth of dragons. Ofcourse these advantages should be limited to field only as otherwise dragon arena would be hard for newer players.
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