Warrior Dragoon thoughts.

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    Sep 26, 2019
    Thank you
    for the amazing work you have done so far and paying attention to things like this
    These changes are only towards PVE
    I want to start with the most important change:
    • All passives and buffs now affect final stats (this includes skills such as "Warrior's Bonds", "Shield Mastery", "Armor Mastery", "Defensive/Offensive Aura", "Weapon Crasher", "Body activation" and "Dragon Scale")
    Secondly, active skill changes:
    • "Cross Cut" and "Spear Jab" no longer share the same cooldown timer
    • "Spin it Bear!" no longer has a cast time
    • If possible make "Rolling Ground" able to animation cancel with C
    • Give the bonuses from "Barricade" not only to the caster but also to all party members
    To go in detail on the last change, I feel sacrificing personal DPS should be rewarded with a significant counter part, in this case a team wide damage reduction.

    Regarding Block rate, coming from "Shield Mastery" and "Parry" i believe it should be absolute (final) and capped at 30%; not canceling animations when block procs because that was annoying.

    The purpose of all these changes is to accentuate the true essence of the class, Tank, and improve its lackluster current DPS. Taking a look at the current meta of damage or bust, a class such as this CAN find a place in a core team with these changes by increase the survivability and damage given by "Defensive/Offensive Aura" and "Barricade". Looking at you Elga.
    Skill Tree can be found here.
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    Dec 27, 2019
    What he forgot to mention is.
    1. Spin it Bear! Should not lift bosses unless groggy because when the bosses do get lifted we lose alot of DPS since they just bounce fall down and get back up
    1.5 Spin it Bear! Since there wont be any monster cards added if it's possible to increase the hit counter from 4 to 6 for a better group clearing
    2. Rolling Ground needs a DMG buff, IF (<-) it won't be possible to cancel it with C. Because Once Cross Cut and Spear Jab lose share CD which I hope they will, With Clock Aura those skills have a CD of 2 seconds while Rolling Ground lasts for 3 seconds, if you do the math you will know that you will LOSE DPS by using Rolling Ground than by just spamming Bear,Cross Cut and Spear Jab. That's the only reason why I suggest to buff it's Dmg to compensate for the animation... Because there won't be a need to using it if you can't cancel it, no matter the scenario you will always deal more DMG by spamming the 3 skills mentioned above
    3. That's all have a nice day :3
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    Mar 19, 2019
    -Rolling Ground being cancelled is weird to me but why not.
    -Giving the bonuses from barricade to all party members would be nice but only if party members get only a part of the bonuses otherwise it's just broken.
    -Blocks not canceling animations ? You mean blocking effects like freeze right ? I agree but don't think it's possible to just stop this unless we make it a "damage reduction" thing which isn't blocks anymore.

    -1:Just...don't use it before groggy ? Every class has the same issue lol just choose your skills
    -1.5:Agree, would even go as far as 10 but eh
    -2:I'd say increase the number of enemies hit so it truly becomes a group clearing skill, I don't think it needs a dmg buff since it's only used in specific situations where you can't spam spear jab/cross cut.
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