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Suggestion Drakos Improvements


Sep 25, 2017
Currently it is not worth farming CMD in master mode due to difficulty scaling, it's more efficient to cap in the low level 70's range and farm normal Drakos.
Capping should be avoided so it may be of benefit to add CMD boxes/bags as drops as drakos end rewards, preferably replacing some of the junk reward items.

you could additionally add a Gacha 100% drop to the floor bosses that have a ranged reward like between 1-5.

currently master mode does not feel super rewarding, it will only really be of benefit to people playing multiple characters so they can faster gear them with Paris wings and Zauharant, but someone who just wants to progress to Elga will have less reason to farm master mode, maybe some additional loot can be added into master mode such as unique pet/cosmetic/bounty token boxes etc. to make it more worthwhile.

Changing master mode to have chaos lighting or some over variation like music/ lighting colour / fog to differentiate it from normal mode would help it to stand out.

If you want to go a step further, master mode could be more challenging shortened to 3 floors where you have to fight improved versions of kimart/gaiden/antares and these fights could reward more significant drops such as red/white gems.
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