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    Oct 20, 2016
    Several months ago we started running a reward campaign to give players who have spent $250 on Diamonds an exclusive dragon as a gift. Shortly after starting this however we had issues with our GM Panel, and were no longer to properly reward these players as the function we used to deliver it was no longer available. Since then we have been discussing ways to reward these players this gift, and have found a temporary solution however it requires things to be done manually on a per person basis.

    Because of how involved the temporary solution is we are going to be discontinuing the gifting of Exquisite Wings after players who are eligible have been sent it. People who are eligible have been contacted individually, and we have lowered the reward threshold to $200 for people who would have been eligible soon.

    We may bring this back when we release source code, however it will only be done in an automated manner. If it is brought back, all purchases from February 18th and on will be taken into account.
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