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Suggestion Few item suggestion to add


Sep 20, 2022
Hi, Id like to start this by saying: Im new to the server, and this is based on my experience playing there so far, so i may be missing something or wrong on specific things.
I took a good look at the item shop, the few item exchange around the maps i have visited and i think there some very usefull items missing a source to get them.

Perfect Hunch for f6, i havent see any of these anywhere.
(Stated) cosmetic items, or even just straight up cosmetics as a whole.
Eternity potions, Hp and MP.
I think Runes are missing as well but i havent do enough crafting to be sure on that.
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May 19, 2018
F6 perfect hunch won't be added in the near future. Currently, there is only 1 F6 mode available, which is rokko. It only exists because it's necessary to access F7.
I still have to think about how to handle F6 and F7 accessories. On our server, they will have a different impact than on a vanilla server. (On vanilla they are way too overpowered).

Cosmetics will be added when we launch.
Eternity potions break the game for what they are doing. I may be implementing a different type of potion one day. For reasons you will have to see for yourself one day (that is, if they are being implemented).

Runes, if implemented, will be reworked.

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