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Sep 16, 2019
Healer class skill that should be removed or rework


Removal of diffusion canon: replacement holy arrow

Holy arrow
effect / low cooldown skill: lv 1 shoot 1 arrow in front of the caster that pierce the enemy and hit multiple targets in front of the caster > higher lv = shotting more arrow at once in a strait line > max of 5 attack > hit 3-4-5-6-7 target

Lighting strike: small rework > add a new effect to the skill: generate a lighting field under the distance of the action that do damage per second for every enemy that is in, and add a slow movement speed effect for the target while in the zone. Higher lv = higher damage per sec and higher slow effect > removal of the lunch target in the air.

Rain of fire: small tweak: a add the option to hit monster in the air

Wide heal > nothing will change for this skill but will be affected by a new skill ‘, passive under it’’

Instant heal > removal of this skill and add a new passive effect: bright mind > rise the healing effect of all healing effect of all healing skill (% of healing power more (the % come after the base calculation) (> lower the mana cost of all healing skill by 1% per lv to a 5% max and lower the cooldown of wide heal 0.2 per lv to 1sec at lv max.

Sanctuary: make the healing effect of this skill magical attack base and rise the area of effect the rest is fine.



Removal of dual shot and add a new attack skill

ray of light > same has blizzard but light element > effect lower MS while in the effect and lower accuracy of the target

MP transfer: removal of this skill since it is becoming useless after the regen rework

Barrier: tweak: cast the skill to the full party >> range of the skill = to emergency exit

Energy absorption: tweak; change the basic buff to 1% of max hp of the target up to 5% at lv max >> that is added to the base barrier effect

Chain lighting: rework: make a base cost and not mana per sec cost > change the effect to bounce to another target and not touch multiple targets. Start with 4 bounce and add bounce per lv up to 20 (OR 30 for lv 10) > If there is only 1 monster on the between the caster the skill will bounce off the player and count has a bounce make the skill bounce and will lower the number of possible hits on 1 target. If there is multiple target the skill wont bounce on the caster. Heavy damage per hit.

Arch sanctuary: removal of this skill > add a new attack skill

Holy spear : a giant spear of light would fall down from the sky and do a mega massive damage on impact > hit 12-15 target > number of attack 1 >at lv 3 add a small 0.5 sec stunt > at lv 5 add a 1 sec stunt

Adding new passive

Radiant light: adding to the Holy spear a holy zone large area that would deal medium damage per sec while in the zone and would do up to 10 hit to all target. Last 5 sec


Healing wave: same has chain lighting no more mana per sec cost and would be a bounce healing effect. 4/5/6/7/8 healing bounce between players

The ULT skill: Lighting storm: New name : Blessing of the god totally change this skill to a support effect and not a attack effect since it’s a 5 min CD (change it to 15 min CD) let’s have fun with the effect

4 time the size of emergency exit zone (area of effect) would fully resurrect all character in the area of cast [no need to be in party to have the effect] grant immunity to all damage for 2 sec after the cast for everyone in the zone > fully heal all character that are still alive > give 20% of physical/magical attack and defense (20% attack speed and movement speed) for 1min.
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