Guide how to make the EXP block card work


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Sep 16, 2019
Before telling you how to make the card work, you need to know what kind of EXP the card is really blocking.

The card is only blocking monster kill from world map.

The exp block card will not block exp from quest/mission zone/dungeon.

there is 2 step to make it work. Of course you will need a card from the Port of the wind potion shop.

Step 1 : log on the character '' make sure you have a card of course XD''
Step 2 : it might sound stupid but you need to go back to the character log menu '' so press ESC and click on '' change Character and select the same character.
Step 3 activate the card.

PS: if you enter a dungeon or a mission zone the effect of the card will go off so you will need to go back to step 2 to make it work again on world map.

Why would i use the card?

Well if you are doing hunter or guild quest > many of those quest is killing monster in the world map. some player cap a character to a specific level to farm specific zone.

so this is one way to reduce the exp gain by a lot until a change is made on the card to ''store'/block' all kind of exp gain. but until it is fix this is the only way to make the card work.

Thank you and have a good day.

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