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    This is a guide which explains how to connect to the private Diablo 2 realm.

    It likely isn't a surprise that connecting to realm Adeptgamer is hosting, isn't completely automatic. However, worry not, I am here to help.

    What will you need:
    1. Diablo 2 with expansion LoD of version 1.13c ! Not 1.14 ! (even 1.13d is a problem if you do not want d2se)
    2. D2SE Modmanager. (optional, but recommended)
    3. Basic computer skills (i.e. installing, copying, etc. - no magic)

    1. Get yourself the game. I cannot help you much more with this step. If you still own the original version of the game, I highly recommend it.

    2. D2SE Modmanager. D2SE Modmanager is an application which allows you to have multiple versions of the game at hand, range from v1.07 to 1.13c, along with all mods you could ever want to play. It should work on any base version of the game (except 1.14) and allows you to ignore having to deal with versions.

    It´s pretty simple, download it from here: D2SE Mod Manager file
    and install it. Once you do, open your Diablo 2 directory and you will find a folder called MODS.

    Download the custom files made for the realm here: Dropbox - Reckoning - Simplify your life
    and place the folder named ''Reckoning'' within this MODS folder. The changes are still being developed however, so how to keep track of it ? Save this link and open it whenever. When you are connecting to realm, you will see this screen: [​IMG]
    Which clearly displays which version it is running and when it was last updated. This is not as critical in single player, but on realm if your game encounters something it does not know because you did not update, it will crash.

    Now open D2SE.exe or use a shortcut, select a choice called Reckoning, click Start Plugin and you are good to go, D2SE sets up everything for you. And will auto-connect to the realm.

    In the horrifying case you do not want to use D2SE, the steps are a little bit different.
    To make your game load the custom files, it will suffice to overwrite your Patch_D2.mpq located in the game directory with the one designed for this. However, if you wish to play on realm, you need to set this manually.

    In the last download link, an application named ''bngatewayeditor'' is included.
    Extract this anywhere on your computer. Open it and choose Diablo 2 section on the bottom.
    Select Add Gateway and provide it with the following info:
    Name : Reckoning - Adept D2
    Zone : -8
    Then press Ok.
    Select the new gateway and press Set to Chosen Gateway.

    You should be good to go without D2SE.
    Hopefully these steps will allow you to access the realm.
    Note: You cannot use your account on this realm, but you may create account with the same data. We cannot access your password no matter what, but I would not create the same account if you believe we may steal your information.
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