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Sep 16, 2019
first of all. let's speak what is a medal.

a medal is some game objective that will give you a reward has a medal that will give you bonus that will help your character with bonus stat and effect.

Some Medal are easy to get and some are really hard and long to obtain.

some easy medal can give really good bonus and some super hard medal will give really low and bad bonus.

end of the introduction of medal.


each medal should be place in to a special bonus categories, How hard are they to get (I,m not talking about how they are place in the menu)

Is the medal can be obtain just by doing the main story line : Bonus of those medal should be low to medium since you will need to level up and play the story. the bonus from them should not be extreme. But just a bit of power up for the basic player who don't want to go outside the box. '''so i'm gonna call those medal type basic medal''

2nd type of medal are mission zone farm : you need to Completed X time the mission until you reach a XX number to obtain a medal : those medal are not special it is easy to do just take a bit of time. so the bonus from them should be a bit higher then basic type but still on the low end in bonus,

3th type : enchant and soul-crafting / item / dismantlement souls gathering / and money and market : those medal are base just like the name amply everything that is item related. Those can be a bit harder to do and the bonus given by them should be related to it. : more gold income from selling an item/ more souls given when dismantlement of a item. Repair cost lower. rise drop rate of item from monster '' mission zone and World zone only''

Those medal that we would just swap before doing something related to it

4th type : Guild / and hunting : Guild objective / hunting monster , those medal would be like the mission zone farming type medal. low end bonus and higher depending on the objective and the requirement for the medal.

5th dungeon / Raid : i know dungeon are not really hard but some can be annoying at low lv. those medal should give a higher stat then base medal depending on how difficult it is to complete the objective

and there is the RAID medal. those medal bonus should be the top of the top in what they give

6th : and the last one is the PVP medal : just like the dungeon and raid category.
the bonus from them should be higher then base medal.

Final point of this : since the medal thing can't be rearrange, just think how long each medal would take to complete and remake the bonus from all of them >>> lower bonus = easier medal to do and higher bonus, higher difficulty to obtain.

at the moment some medal are extremely easy to do and the bonus is better then the high end ones so medal Bonus are totally unbalance. but before buffing some medal it might be better to lower most of them and see what would be the highest stat you want them to have and fix the other one base of those numbers so the medal don't over buff players, but the player that really want the medal, get something worth it for they time spend to get them.
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