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May 19, 2018
Hello AdeptGamers,

Some changes have been made to the cookie factory quests to make them easier to get through, F6 + F7 no longer require multiple runs if you turn your quests in once completed and accept the new ones.

Cookie Factory Quests:
  • (Entering the Factory) Required kills reduced to 50 (Was 100)
  • Children in Danger(1)) Required kills reduced to 10 (Was 50)
  • (Bitter chocolate cake) You can no longer remote accept this quest due to not receiving the quest item
  • (Sweet Attack) Required kills reduced to 3 (Was 10)
  • (Team Chocolate Robbers?) Required kills reduced to 10 (Was 50)
  • (Sweet Retrieval) Lowered the amount of chocolate box needed to 10 (Was 20)
  • (Coofie's feeling) Now completes on stage 37 instead of 40
  • Disabled quest (L. O. V. E!!) as it was activated by accident
  • Added (Event) tag to all cookie factory quest names to avoid confusion.

Yamaki Exchanges::
  • Added a new Gamer Girl Bath Water Balloon with chat border to Valentine Rewards (10 Butter, 10 Milk, 20 Silver Coins, 5 Gold Coins)
  • Added exchange for F7 tickets (3 Silver coins)
  • Added exchange for F6 tickets (1 gold coin)



Cookie Factory Misc:
  • Replaced the F6 "Perfect Hunch" (Chocolate Piece) with Marshmallow instead.
  • Changed Chocolate Pie Recipe to use 10 Butter instead of 10 Chocolate Piece.
  • Replaced the fixed recipe box in F6 with Tactical Defense mode point copier available to use in F7 starting round 11
  • Completing the first stage on F7 will now reward 9750 tactic points (Instead of 10) letting you max the upgrades and focus on tower building early (helps make F7 more accessible for lower levels with no skills)
  • Made F6 / F7 tickets drop rate 50% instead of 70/30 (F1)

  • Fixed trade restrictions on elga bracelets
  • Made the new soul boxes 150,200,250 from chaos mission maps stackable
  • The other boxes with weapon/armor dust were also made stackable

Note: you will recieve a flash error when doing the final quest because it has a flash based cutscene and flash was discontinued just press ESC key.

Cookie Factory Event ends March 10th
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