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Announcement Patch Note [Patch 1.0.23] Raised Gold Rates, F1 QoL, DV Fixes


May 19, 2018
Hello AdeptGamers,

Here are the current patch notes. This patch is quite small but has quite a bit of impact on the game. The F1 changes are supposed to make every class viable for F1 farming, as some classes can do F1 as normal while auto attack focussed classes need to take detours to raise their rank to get any items. We think that the player should focus more on optimizing their farm speed and routes in F1 instead of trying to collect points so they can get rewards in the first place and lose time compared to other classes. The gold rates will also help new players as well as farmers to have easier transitions into the mid and late game, especially after the changes to enchant.

  • Fixed a few Dragon Valley mob drops (if there are other mobs broken let us know on the forum)
  • Increased Auto Attack/Normal Mission Points gain by ~3x
  • Increased Server Gold Rate to 3x (15-18g per boss Lv.70)

Thank you for your patience.
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