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Announcement Patch Note [Patch 1.0.34] Enchant UI and Message fixes


May 19, 2018
Hello AdeptGamers,

Here are the patch notes:
  • Fixed the messages for revive in superground, expedition and enchanting
  • You now cannot use insurance scrolls anymore on Enchants lower than +7 (you wont even see the icons for that) as they are 100%
  • Updated the popup message when pressing enchant
  • Updated the enchant UI to display:
    • Current Successrate
    • Additional Successrate per fail
    • Current amount of fails on enchant level
    • Maximum amount of fails until the enchant is guaranteed a success
    • (you will also see the current successrate turn green at 100% rate)
  • Next restart also features:
    • Ability to enchant without scroll at 100% rate (pity or milestone)
    • If you leave the scroll/put a scroll on a 100% rate enchant, the scroll will not be consumed
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unknown (1).png

Thank you for your patience
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