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Announcement Patch Note [Patch 1.0.35] Element Update and Content Expansion


May 19, 2018
Hello AdeptGamers,

It is time for the new Element Update! This patch offers an overhaul of said system as well as two new continents players can re-explore from the past. This iteration, however, is not the last and the world will still go through changes (visually). I will also potentially add more dungeons in the next larger patches (read more on the timeline on the recent announcement).

Announcement - Developer Update - Taking the next steps in the Experimental Alpha

Let's get the elephant out of the way first and start with the Element System.

Element Update

One big downside of the old Element System was that any elemental attack would always carry a flat added bonus damage on ANY attack which is then reduced by some weird calculation for resistances. This made things unbalanced between classes and kind of useless for PVE. I have changed this up completely.

  • Elemental Attack and Defense is now a percentage
  • This percentage converts a portion of your skill damage to elemental damage
  • Example: 20% Elemental ATK multiplies your skill damage by 1.2. The pure elemental damage is reduced by the target's elemental defense, which is also a portion converted from the target's overall defenses (upgrade your gear!).
  • Most bosses do not have elemental attack. Currently only Paris and Elga have some elemental attack. Old VanCliff with Bone Dragon will also have elemental attack, but way higher than before to the point where it makes sense to build some Dark Defense (the set will reduce quite a bit of damage as most damage is elemental).
  • Any elite boss with an elemental stat bar displays how much elemental damage is being reduced (or increased if negative). If a boss displays more than 100% defense on an element, your normal damage will NOT be reduced.
  • Example: 20% Ele power. 1000 damage => 1200 damage
    Boss resistance: -50%
    Element damage adjusted: 200 * 1.5 = 300
    Final skill damage: 1300 damage (does not account for normal defenses ofc)
  • Elemental Acc is already implemented through elemental dungeons and were adjusted to be much more useful.
  • You can enter Ele dungeons through scrolls from the cash shop until a physical portal is created.
  • Cards will be looked at over time
  • Element chests are available at bounty exchanger for 6 respective Basic Elements (for accessories)
  • Element Dungeon Scrolls are available at bounty exchanger for 1 Dragon Bone in White (free)

Content Update

Taking up on the spirit of the server I worked on previously, the new continents are old maps from Chapter 1/2. You can experience the nostalgia of the old maps without having to endure its missions (most of the missions Lv. 50+ had big design flaws which made them not fun to play). Currently there aren't any missions as I didn't see a purpose for them to exist. Fear not, you will be able to farm items and gold through other means and older missions. Generally, what we need to be tested are mob positions, portals leading to the correct corresponding portal to the other side (some portals have wrong names but the map they lead to is correct since the layout was changed). Here is a summary:

  • Added two continents from chapter 1
  • You can enter port of the winds (old) through the portal in the middle of odellia until further changes to the world.
  • Currently there aren't any story quest. They will be added later
  • Almost all NPCs are their own version and don't match up with their normal versions. This results in not being able to talk to most of them (includes some shops).
  • The four old elemental dungeons were added. You can enter them through scrolls free in the cash shop until there are physical portals. Any path inside the dungeon you take will lead you to the same boss. This can be subject to change in the future.
  • The bosses in the dungeons are quite a bit more difficult. You will always face 1 boss monster and 1 elite monster siding it.
  • You are only supposed to be able to drop spiritual drops (like you're used to) and Normal Blesses (not advanced or higher). If the drops differ, please let me know on the forum.

Old VanCliff

The old version of chapter 1 of Van Cliff has been implemented in the new continent. It can be accessed like usual through ash mist village. For now you won't need to have a quest in order to enter. The entire dungeon is split between three sub-dungeons. In every dungeon you have to collect 4 key pieces in order to access the boss room. For GateKeeper's part of the dungeon, however, you must kill a total of 4 mini bosses, 2 each per map (2x in the library, and 2x in the botanic garden). For the other maps, you have to kill the monsters as usual for the key pieces. The dungeons are in a slightly different design that I decided to leave it that way. Here is some information about the bosses, drops and equipment

  • Count VanCliff and GateKeeper are both counted as Bosses, while Ranhoff is only Elite.
  • Count VanCliff and GateKeeper do not drop keys to enter the next dungeon. The requirement asking for a Key to enter the next sub dungeon is removed for the moment à You can enter any dungeon at any point.
  • VC, GK and Bone Dragon all drop up to 8 items (may be subject to change).
  • All bosses drop one kind accessory, which belong to a set.
  • Like normal VC and Drakos, there is one rare drop and one very rare drop.
  • Ruby Dragon Bone as rare, required for exchanging any equipment
  • Can be dropped at any of the 3 large bosses
  • Bone Dragon has a higher chance of dropping them compared to VC/GK
  • Gold Anvil only from Bone, required to craft the weapon. HOWEVER, the weapon cannot be crafted currently and will be implemented later.
  • The common drop is Dragon Bone in blue for all bosses.
  • The normal and hero sets have switched colors now. Meaning your current bone set will have the hero colors you're used to.
  • The Rare set can be exchanged by using Ruby Dragon Bones, Dragon Bones in Blue and the Lv. 60 set.
  • Drops may still be subject to change and more rewards will be added most likely.
  • You can exchange equipment at NPC Veron in the old VanCliff lobby.
General Changes

There aren't many changes but here they are:

  • Decreased amount of runs necessary to achieve Bloody Crystal Pity (quest)
  • Implemented some parts of Lost Dragonica's UI
  • FYI, if you see this UI on other servers, it was taken from Lost Dragonica (2016+) as it didn't have a different encryption back then.
  • Increased Max level scaling for Verglas Ridge and Dragon Valley missions to 90. Happy farming!
  • Increased Critical Damage soulcraft effects on backpack and weapons
  • Changed Drakos Master Mode monster level to be at least Lv. 80
  • Shortened the text in the enchant UI for requirement, scroll etc. to prevent overflow and have a cleaner look.
  • Raised maximum level cap to Lv. 90.
Thank you for your patience.
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