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Hello AdeptGamers, here are the current patch notes

Before I get into the adjusted and new systems, let me bring you closer to the other changes that have occurred regarding the content added earlier.

  • Added a new story questline continuing the story post Elga's defeat. You can start the quest by talking to Hoffman in the Black Claw Nest Outpost (you can also accept it through the journal which won't let you go through the trouble of logging into channel 100). You will need an Elga weapon in your inventory (won't be consumed) to continue the quest.
  • Added 1 scenario dungeon (no rewards) and 2 story dungeons that sort of act as a substitute to missions (let us know your opinion). You will go through those during the questline.
  • New first time completion account quests and bounty quests for mini dungeons and VanCliff have been added.
  • Raised the chance of dropping Ruby dragon bones across all sub dungeons (including bone) of VanCliff and raised the drop rate of Gold Anvil.
  • Added Chaos Coins (see below) and gold as a drop to all VanCliff sub dungeons (including bone).
  • You're now required to have a bone weapon in your inventory in order to complete the first quest to build secmathian gear.
  • Increased damage of invoker and arcanist weapons for bone, zauharant, elga weapons (increased gap for more worth enchants). Arcanist has received an especially large buff in that regard.
  • Removed elemental dungeon scrolls. The ones you had in your inventory have been removed. The dungeons have been placed across the new continent. (Have fun finding them).
  • Enchant Pity now has a max rate that can be added additionally to the base rate. When the maximum is reached, the UI will change from showing the rate added per fail to "(maxed out").
  • Bone weapons have been added obtainable by a quest from baron in Village of Ash Mist (past)
  • The level 60 bone weapons have been signifcantly nerfed. In return, the rate of enchanting has been raised significantly. This serves as an easier entry point for new players.
Chaos Tier introduction

Gear that is Lv. 80 or above belongs to the new Chaos Tier. The main difference is a different enchant system that comes with it. Rates for it are completely different in terms of rates, pity, strength and cost (including soulcraft gold cost). The following points will serve to summarize:

  • Introduced Chaos Tier
  • Added Chaos Coins as various drops (mini dungeons, VanCliff currently) to the game.
    • Chaos Coins are a catalyst containing energy that's also used as a currency.
    • Chaos Coins are generally not tradable. However, you are able to put them in Account Vault.
  • Chaos Tier items will require Advanced weapon and armor dust.
    • Those dusts can be exchanged by trading in Chaos Coins + normal dust at the Gacha wending machine in PoW
    • Dusts can be also be obtained through 1st completion quests and bounty quests.
    • Dusts are generally untradable, but you are able to trade put them in Account Vault.
  • Enchanting:
    • Soulcrafting and enchanting have significantly higher gold costs.
    • A +1 Chaos Tier item has approximately the strength of a +7 normal tier. This does not account for the base rate added (which is also higher for Chaos Tier)
    • Enchanting required Advanced dust to execute.
    • You will always need Advanced Enchant Insurance Scrolls to enchant starting from +1 (when the rate isn't 100%).
    • Enchanting to +15 is generally easy, however, the curve rises sharply. I personally do not recommend enchanting post +22, where you will already have a massive damage difference.
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