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Announcement Patch Note [Patch 1.0.49] Various bugfixes & puff towers

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Hello AdeptGamers,

Quick following patch notes:

  • Fixed B-Chop wiping all monsters on the map in VC
  • Fixed following bounty quests (requirement or reward):
    • Elga Commander bounty
    • Element dungeon bounty
    • Old Bone Dragon
  • Added Dark Elemental attack to Chaos Tier Bone weapons (20% dark)
  • Fixed Chaos Tier Bone quests for equipment
  • Van Cliff Ring of Intelligence now has proper stats and is part of the set
  • All Old VC accessories are now Lv. 85+ as intended
  • Added puff towers near the elemental dungeons. However, the tower at nature dungeon seems to be bugged, although you can still teleport there. (You will need to revisit the maps in order to unlock the teleport)
  • Fixed nature dungeon's boss room portal

Thank you for your patience.

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