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Announcement Patch Note [Patch 1.0.53] New Drop system + Account quest changes last big patch

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Hello AdeptGamers,

The patch isn't out yet and there yet has to be maintenance. I don't know whether it will happen today or tomorrow (or in the next few days), but I wanted to write the patch notes already and post them in advance which I usually don't do (but may make it normal).

This is probably one of the final patches if not the final patch before we are preparing for relaunch. This patch contains a new feature and some additions to account quests. Aside that, we have many general changes that slowly round up the new continent and aim to polish a few aspects.

General changes:
  • Edited map names and portal names of the new continent to reflect them being chaos
  • Added a puff tower to Chaos Ruined Mushroom Factory near the dungeon portal
  • Removed the functionality of the temporary portal to the new continent.
  • Added a puff tower option "???" which is Chaos Port of the Winds (unlocked by first time visit)
  • Changed Chaos VanCliff: Keys now drops from GateKeeper/Dracula to enter the next dungeon to the person who landed the killing blow on the boss.
  • Reintroduced the Quest restrictions for Element dungeons and Chaos VanCliff, as well as key requirement for Chaos VanCliff B1/11.
  • Shortened Coastal Warzone mini dungeon. The top part of the map had their monsters removed.
  • After killing Gaiden or Gold Prox in the mini dungeons, the player receives rewards and gets ported out after 5 seconds instead of having a reward screen prompt.
  • Increased rewards for the mini dungeons.
  • Buffed the player's movement speed and attack speed in the 2 Chaos mini dungeons.
  • Reversed/lowered rare drop rates and chaos coin drops from Chaos VanCliff
  • Enchant Changers given through account quests/1st time completion quests can now only be used on Normal tier (Lv. 1-79) equipment.
  • Reworked the way of obtaining Elga mats to craft armor etc.
  • Removed the boxes spawning after killing Elga's eye (the level scaling boxes still spawn here and there).
  • Fixed Tutu Tree Forest portal bugs.
  • Fixed a bug where oneshotting Elga's 3rd form with element attack was possible using certain skills.
  • Fixed a bug where Enchant Pity would disappear after equipping an item.
  • Fixed various other bugs where Enchant Pity could potentially disappear.
  • Fixed the names of T2 dust bundles in the exchanger.
  • Fixed a bug with the Bone Gun Staff recipe not requiring a diamond dragon bone.
  • Fixed some bad trigger placements for portals in the new continent.
  • Fixed various bugs and softlocks in Temple of Fire and Nature Temple.
  • Fixed Element dungeon drops dropping Legendary blesses they weren't meant to.
New Feature: New Drop System

A new drop system has been implemented. Upon killing monsters with entries to the system, loot and gold is directly dropped into the player's inventory. Additionally, requirements like Level min/max can be added. This system also allows for separate and clean calculation of rare drops (whenever implemented). The existing system does it in a different way where rates aren't as accurate. The new system on the other hand calculates a new rate for each rare item so that every rare item has a chance of being obtained while having a 100% accurate rate (say if Paris can drop Wings with 1% certainty, the certainty is guaranteed to be 1% and not something weird close to it). Drops can be rewarded to the killer only, to the entire party/fellowship or both. A few examples have already been implemented. You may leave your suggestions for additional implementations (apart from bosses). Here are current uses:

  • Element Bosses (end) reward an additional 50g per player.
  • VanCliff (regular) each floor boss rewards 5g + 2 guaranteed White Bones per member.
  • Drakos each floor boss rewards 10g + 2 Chaotic Metal Dust per member.
  • Elga Mats:
    • Cerberus (Elga mini boss 1): 10g, 1 shoulder 1 scale 1 bone + random 4 items from chest loot pool (min Lv. 70 required)
    • Devi Leech (Elga mini boss 2): 10g, 1 shoulder 1 scale 1 eye 1 bone + 4 random items (Lv. 70 required)
    • Diabolic (Elga mini boss 3): 10g, 2 shoulders 2 scales 1 eye 2 bones + 4 random items (Lv. 70 required)
    • Elga 3rd form kill: 70g, 4 Essence of Darkness 4 red horns 1 nail 4 scales 1 eye 4 bones + 4 random items (Lv. 70 required)
Expedition changes:
  • When dying in an expedition (boss) and the boss is killed, instead of being ported out, you are being revived and still receive rewards. Keep in mind that you will not receive direct drop rewards from the new drop system if the boss is killed while you're dead.

Account quests changes:

Account quests now also have weekly and daily versions! To test this concept (whether it just works) a few quests have been selected. The weekly reset is at midnight from sunday to monday and the daily reset at midnight (remember we speak of server time).
  • Daily: Bone/Paris/Elga first time completion quests
  • Weekly: Coastal Dungeon/Fire Temple/Mushroom Factory first time completion quests
Please check whether they properly reset :)

This marks (probably) the final big patch before our downtime to prepare for release. It may be subject to change depending on what more things I want to work on and change (lots of changes during downtime will be number related and will not have to be tested).

I'm always open to your feedback or suggestions. Thank you for keeping up to date with the development of this server and I hope for much more to come.

Thank you for your patience

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