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Announcement Patch Note [Patch 1.0.55] Fixes, some minor implementations, downtime preparation

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Hello AdeptGamers,

I've been making some changes that I wanted to push to the server before we have our downtime before release at some point soon.
The patch will come out sometime later today.
Here are some notes:

  • Fixed the bug where passives and buffs (from skills AND equipment/set effects) would not scale off total values, but only base. THIS WILL LEAD TO A HUGE BUMP IN STATS AND DAMAGES.
  • Reversed the login screen and ui to be vanilla.
  • Created an emporia schedule (let's see if it works as intended)
  • Added 30g drop (to every player in party) to Kryos
  • Implemented another version for weekly account quests (the same as mentioned last patch notes)
  • Fixed the bug that would cause cutscenes to incorrectly play.
  • Fixed a bug where taking up too many account quests and switching to a char which already had normal quests would cause some quests to disappear.
  • Removed aim rate and evade from the calculation. You will never miss anymore unless it's specifically meant to be.
  • Removed Cathrine npc
  • Added NPC shops in the old new continent.
  • Fixed monster scalings (EXP + boss HP) in Drakos master modes. (Increased Elite + Boss HP, fixed drops for higher level and exp).
  • Implemented a new Boss HP Bar where the boss has more than 4x bars of HP. It will say on the HP bar next to the HP left how many HP bars are left (you will still see how much %HP the boss has remaining). Affected monster:
    • Paris (master mode)
    • Bone Dragon Old
    • Elga
  • Removed HunterG quests.
  • Fixed some quest text spacings.
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