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    Hello AdeptGamers!

    Here are one of our last few patch notes you will see for during our testing phase!
    Please give us feedback whether the changes below were applied properly.

    • Fixed +29 Damage
    • Changed Paris Drop rates
    • Element cards cannot be dropped by mission bosses anymore
    • Defense orders cannot be dropped by mission bosses anymore
    • All sets Lv. 40 and above have new set effects
    • Drakos bosses have been buffed
    • (Elga secretly too)
    • Removed cooldown link of spear jab and crosscut
    • Removed cast time of spin it bear
    The sets stats are already adjusted to future changes coming after the launch (including some fundamental changes) so some stats might seem weird but actually have a thought behind it. You will be able to make different builds with different combinations. All sets have as 6 stat effect bonus exp just to have some sweet extra bonus. The numbers aren't final yet and will definitely still get a lot of adjustments. Some stats will also be changed still.

    For missing stats on SINGLE PARTS of BOSS SET ITEMS please answer on the thread I am going to create so I can add the items to the list to edit.
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