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    You need to download the new client to play: Announcement - New Client Available

    Hello AdeptGamers!

    The big patch is finally here, and it is not the last one in that caliber that will come.
    In the next few weeks and months a lot of the balancing fundamentals will be changed, yes, that includes the buggy sets and stats. This will open up new paths that should have already existed in the game instead of the same stale one we have known for years. This patch alone will give new strengths to classes which desperately needed it. However, this is still only the first step towards the big changes that will come.
    During the past weeks we have invested time into our security, which requires you to download a new client.
    With this, we can finally put the game version to 1.0.0 like we intended from the start.

    As mentioned on the announcement of this patch, there will be minor changes that come along with big ones (where the big ones will take multiple weeks most likely to go through testing). This patch already includes some QoL stuff.

    We will start with the general and QoL changes first since the skill changes would else overshadow them immensely. Almost all offensive skills have been updated or required a fix.


    • All skills with offensive scaling now scale off your total physical or magical damage and not only your weapon (which still wasn't working as it was saying, it was weird thing that needed to be fixed). All the major skill changes are listed below. This change makes almost all skills stronger.
    • Increased amount of souls gained more by disassembling higher level equipment.
    • Added a quest that unlocks with Ryvius bounty. This quest makes you hunt Ryvius 3 times. You're rewarded with a Mist Elf part of your choice (except the helmet because it already has a quest
    • CD of Double Shot and Diffusion Cannon has been decreased to 6 seconds
    • All summoner Boss weapons bonuses from their normal counterparts have been reduced to 30% from 90%
    • Battlesquare rewards have been changed:
      • Individual Gold reward: Raised to 10 - 350g from points 1000 to 6000
      • Team Dust reward increased to up to 400 w/a dust at 60k points for wins
    To clarify, initially after the changes the way numbers worked in general made some skills (especially the first class ones) extremely weak (skills that would have only 30% scaling off total damage). Those were mostly raised by 100% to accurate match how they should have been and aren't mentioned here. Though, worth to mention is that all basic attacks are around 100%, with down attacks etc. being at around 120%.
    Else, many skills would also be around scalings that would be too high in comparison to their old versions. So a lot of adjustments have been made. Over all, all skills are scaling better now and deal more damage.
    All changes listed are about Lv. 1 - 5. Levels 6 - 10 are not included in the notes.
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